5 Things You Need to Include in Every Room in Your House

Let’s talk about five things every room needs to create an interesting, comfortable, and inviting home. Rooms all have different purposes but there are elements that every space needs to help it fulfill that purpose. You can use these general principles in any room to create a space that beautifully functions for you.

1. Something to catch and hold attention

A focal point is something that catches your eye, draws you into the space, and gives your eyes a place to rest. Some spaces will have a natural focal point like a beautiful view or an architectural feature.

But you can also create a focal point with a feature wall or decor in the form of artwork, a beautiful mirror, or an eye-catching vignette.

2. Something with visual weight

Something with visual weight grounds the space and acts as an anchor for your design. You can do this with a floor that's several shades darker than the surrounding walls.

Or take a cue from nature's scheme of a dark ground against the lighter sky or use a textural rug to create that weight and tie the objects in the room together. A heavy piece of furniture can also do this like a sofa or a substantial coffee table.

3. Something to lead the gaze

There are several different strategies that you can use to lead the gaze in a space to draw your eye around the room.

Height changes can do this with taller and shorter furniture pieces trees and plants and decor items like mirrors and artwork.

Another way to do this is to repeat a material pattern or color–not too much but just enough to lead the eye to take in the whole space. Black accents are great at doing this as are metallic elements.

4. Something warm, cozy, or inviting

These items will make you feel welcome and make you want to settle in. Start with comfortable furniture.

Fully upholstered pieces are great for snuggling up with a good book, a favorite beverage, or to watch a movie and are also great for comfortable conversation.

Add a few pillows and a throw blanket for added comfort and if you brought in a rug for visual weight, it will also add to the cozy factor and help with acoustic comfort as will soft drapery.

In a room with mostly hard surfaces, like kitchens and bathrooms, coziness can be brought in through the use of natural materials like wood and warm earthy colors.

Don't forget the soft layered lighting to complete the warm and inviting feel in any space of your home.

5. Something alive

Something alive completes your space. Include greenery in the form of trees, plants, cut flowers, and stems to add depth texture, and a connection to nature. Elements representative of nature like wood or woven seagrass and ceramic items also add an organic and warm feel.

I hope you were inspired to incorporate these vital elements into each room of your home. These five items round out and finish a space. Let me know if there’s an element you use in all your rooms that may not be listed here.

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