Summertime at My Coastal Cottage: Styling Neutral Coastal Decor

Monica Rose
by Monica Rose

Hey everyone, I'm so excited to share my coastal cottage summer decorating ideas with you this year. I absolutely love transforming my space for each season, and this year, I'm embracing a simple and breezy vibe.


Let's start with the mantel. This year, I ditched the clutter and focused on a few key pieces. I found this adorable mermaid figurine at Ross that just screams summer.

I wrapped some nautical rope lights around a sea glass vase filled with little beach treasures for a bit of twinkle. A starfish finishes off the look perfectly.

Living Room

Moving into the living room, I pulled out some bee-themed pillowcases I snagged at HomeGoods a few years back. They add some summer fun to the couch, and I brought down a long pillow from the master bedroom to complete the cozy feel.


My ottoman needed a little refresh, so I styled it with a scented candle I found at Walmart (it smells amazing!). I put it on a little pedestal from Hobby Lobby and draped some netting over it for a beachy texture. I topped it all off with some moss and seashells.

Buffet Table

The buffet table always gives me a bit of trouble, but this year, I think I cracked the code! I used two lanterns – one I filled with seashells (replacing a broken candlestick, oops!), and the other got a bed of moss. It's simple but so cute!


Now, for the hutch. I had a wooden box that still had its spring decor showing, so I just flipped it around to create a blank canvas for summer. I added a vibrant floral arrangement from Hobby Lobby or Michael's (I can't remember which!), a beach oar I found at Target's dollar spot a few years back for more coastal vibes, netting, and of course, some seashells.

Dining Room

The dining room table got a light summer touch with a woven basket from HomeGoods, a netted glass jar (which I think also came from Target's dollar spot), and some cute bee-themed salt and pepper shakers from HomeGoods.


I couldn't resist bringing some of the beauty of my backyard inside, so I cut some fresh Iceberg roses. They smell incredible and instantly transform the kitchen.

Under my kitchen island, I added some wall decor featuring rope balls and flowers. I even used some plastic bags as a space-filler in a planter.

More summer decor ideas

If you enjoyed this summer decorating inspiration, let me know in the comments below. See you next time!

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  • Donna Donna on May 29, 2024
    I love the picture over the mantel! Where did you get it?