Take a Tour Around My Newly Updated Afro-Boho Kitchen

This is a major update. I have done so much since my last home tour. As you know, my entire house is designed around the Afro Boho style, and I love to share all of my Afro Boho decor finds with you. Today, we will be heading into my Afro Boho kitchen to see what is new and improved in that space.

Right off of the dining room, we have a small, but super functional kitchen. And dare I say, it's even pretty funky and fly.

This floor was already in this kitchen, and I did not remove it because I suspect that underneath this laminate wood floor, it's likely to be some type of tile that has asbestos in it. I believe that the former owner covered it up, but it works fine.

It does flow with the wood floor here. That wood floor has seen lots of wear and tear, which I do not mind. I love a little vintage.

This comes right off of the dining room, and we walk into my awesome little but mighty kitchen space.

I'm going to start with these pieces of artwork up here. This home has beautiful high ceilings, which helps when the rooms are a little smaller to make things feel spacious. I thrifted these pieces. They give me that vintage kind of vibe I love to have.

Then over here, I sourced this copper hanging lamp. I wanted some ambient light over the sink area, but I did not want to poke holes and run wiring, so I put this piece in.

I had my contractor help me to hang it, and it works fine. It greatly improves the functionality of this area.

This is a beautiful granite that I had installed in this kitchen to upgrade the vibe in here.

I added this black faucet as well, which I think gives it a really strong note and a grounding to this area. I have plants in every room, so I keep one of my plants behind my sink in the kitchen.

I do a lot of cooking, so I love having this movable cutting board. When I don't need it I just move it out of the way. When it comes to small spaces, It’s all about making smart decisions and adding things to increase the functionality of the space without making it too cluttered.

I love the beautiful look of the acacia wood butcher block cutting board.

I thrifted this napkin holder, which I really enjoy using. I love cloth napkins, so I'm always washing them and restocking them here.

I have my dishwashing liquid in this copper soap dish

And then I got this really small dish rack at Target. It is perfect for me.

I do a lot of smoothies and a lot of cooking, so I have this Vitamix, which was a gift given to me.

I have those rattan blinds right here in this kitchen. I really love that look because it creates a balance between the kitchen and the dining room, which also has those blinds in. It kind of makes a continuous line.

Then there are the lower cabinets with black paint on them.

It is the same black paint as the vintage cabinet I have in the dining room.

And the same black paint that I used to paint the fireplace in the living room.

This might be a small kitchen, but I still have a full-size dishwasher.

I love my refrigerator because it has a freezer at the bottom and there is still enough room to put a slim-footprint trash can beside it.

I even have enough space to hang my broom, dustpan, and my Dyson vacuum cleaner tucked back in there.

Moving over to the side, there's a little side light here where I can still get some light coming in from this corner.

Here is my collection of baskets. All of those baskets came from the thrift store. I particularly love this basket collection for the variety of sizes and shapes. It adds a moment of intrigue and interest above the refrigerator.

I also love the floral piece and the Parisian cafe artwork I have hanging up above.

You might have noticed that background. It's not wallpaper. I did a faint stenciling here. I wanted this nook to have a little more character, a kind of a moment in a small kitchen.

That beautiful philodendron plant up there creates such a fun moment. It gives some contrast with a live plant and the lighting up there is something that I added myself because, without it, it gets a bit dark. I went to Home Depot and purchased a light strip and leaned it up there. There's a plug back there for the refrigerator already, and it gives some illumination to that area.

In this corner over here, we have the door that leads out to the side porch. I painted the door to match the wall color, and then I spray-painted with some of that window glazing so that I could still have the light but I didn't need to put a window treatment up.

On this side of the kitchen, I have the rest of my cabinets. There are my lower cabinets, and I have a narrow little strip of granite countertop where I keep my paper towels, floral decor, and canisters.

I have some under-counter lights there also. They are rechargeable. I got those from Home Depot as well.

I did my upper cabinets in a contrasting color. In fact, they are the same color as the walls.

Afro Boho Kitchen

To cultivate the Afro Boho chic look at home, look for pieces in bold, bright colors and fabrics that have African-inspired patterns. Curating items from your travels and perusing vintage shops is a fun way to add to the decor you find at local stores and online.

Let me know down below why you love the Afro Boho design style so much. What is it about this design style that inspires you?

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  • Fee Miriam Rosenfeltz Fee Miriam Rosenfeltz on May 23, 2024
    Absolutely beautiful.....full of comfort and style....it feels homely and yet not uncluttered....it must be lovely to work in. 😊