Afro-Boho Backyard Makeover: DIYs, Decor & More

I'm sharing my ideas and design for my dream Afro-Boho backyard. Over time, I transformed this backyard from gravel and cracked concrete into a solid base to realize my Afro-Boho dreams.

Remember to create zones, go bold with your wall treatment, and pay attention to lighting, floor covering, and art.

Shed before

Backyard shed

It's my dream outdoor backyard, but it needs some TLC. I couldn't stand this shed because it was light gray and stuck out like a sore thumb. It's super helpful, but it's right here where my patio area is.

Shed after painting

I decided to spray it with Krylon spray paint, and it doesn't look too shabby anymore.

Cleaning the patio

Patio power washing

It's been raining a ton, and it's wild how much this mildew and muddy stuff can build up. You can see it even on the retaining wall at the top. It's not this color. So, the power washer is coming out because it's time to make everything look fresh and clean.

Power-washing the patio
Patio corner

I got this power washer from Home Depot last summer, and honestly, it's one of my favorite things.

I use it twice a year to help keep the mildew and the buildup down on my concrete or rather hard surfaces because they can look dingy and dirty.

If you don't have a power washer, you can rent one. Local big-box stores like Home Depot or Lowe's will have one; it's worth it.

Outdoor counter

I will show you part one of my Afro-Boho dream backyard when I built my outdoor counter.

I call this the hodgepodge corner, and honestly, I just got sick of looking at it.

I knew the design I wanted, and a friend was kind enough to create this rendering, so I knew exactly how much of my supplies I needed to buy.

You want to use pressure-treated wood for outdoor projects because it'll withstand the weather far better.

Staining the wood

I used a bold, gorgeous black stain and some clear exterior polyurethane for extra protection for the wood.

My primary tool was a handsaw. After attaching my ledger board behind me, I laid out the boards to ensure that I would maximize my cuts and not waste any wood. Also, laying everything out and planning helps you avoid mistakes.

One of the most challenging cuts was to cut the first board that would rest on the ledger board and wrap around that post. From there, I measured and cut the rest of the boards for the countertop and secured the brace backing.

New outdoor corner with a DIY counter

Now that the build is complete, it's time to add the second coat of stain.

Sketch of the outdoor space

Planning the five areas

Now, let's walk through the five key areas to maximize the potential of this outdoor room. Key area number one: Creating zones is an absolute lifesaver. In this rough drawing, I mapped out where I wanted each zone.

You'll make far better use of your space when you designate what you want to do with each area of the room. In this case, this outdoor room.

Fence and outdoor decor

Key area number two: make it do what it does: wall treatment.

I'm going bold with a lush, rich, gorgeous black satin stain for the counter—key area number three.

Lighting for the outdoor space

Key area number three is all about the lighting.

In my backyard, I use a variety of lighting sources. I use solar-powered string lights, solar-lit umbrellas, and my all-time favorite, the tiki torch. Love it. Each light source proves a different feel while lighting the area

Floor stenciling

Key area number four. The cement floor in this outdoor room has had a couple of different treatments.

I DIY stenciled this outdoor floor twice. I used granite outdoor paint for the current floor, meaning it will last a long time.

Keep area number 5; decor and art are not only for the indoors.

When selecting outdoor pieces, be mindful that they are durable and made to last for the outdoor elements. This area is relatively narrow, and it took me a while to figure out how to best use my zones and maximize the potential of my outdoor Afro-Boho lounge.

Cozy outdoor seating area

After several tries, I settled on this cozy, intimate seating arrangement that helps support conversation, hanging out, and chilling by yourself.

One of the five key areas is to maximize the potential of your room by paying attention to your floor covering. I chose a funky rug to anchor the Afro-Boho vibe I was after in my outdoor lounge.

With my custom-on-a-budget design philosophy, I love to mix secondhand, vintage, and new pieces. It's kinder to the environment and adds a ton of personality to any space.

Trayscapeon a coffee table

On this wooden thrifted coffee table, I set up this funky tray scape.

Outdoor table decor

I snagged this mood-setting metal sign for just $5.

I repurposed boho planters and turned them into candle holders. To round out my thrift haul, I snagged a gorgeous orange crackled glass vase and a granite remnant I put on my serving counter to give it some extra pizzazz.

Now it's time for my favorite part, key area number five. We're going to add some decor and accentuate our art.

Afro-Boho backyard

Considering my custom-on-a-budget philosophy, these decor pieces combine excellent thrift finds and a couple of new buys.

When you maximize the potential in your home, it transforms your life. Using the five key areas to maximize the potential of my outdoor room, I transformed this space into my dream Afro-Boho outdoor lounge.

Finished DIY countertop

This finished DIY countertop dramatically enhances the usability and beauty of this part of my back garden.

I customized the height of this countertop to fit me because I'm taller. So that's one of the benefits of doing something custom on a budget. You can get precisely what you want.

I've put in four unique zones in my small to mid-sized back garden:

Grilling zone

...the grilling zone...

Dining zone

...the dining zone...

Fire pit zone

...the fire pit zone...

Afro-Boho backyard space

...and the all-important lounge.

Afro-Boho backyard

What's your favorite thing in my dream Afro-Boho backyard? One of the zones or maybe some of the thrifted pieces? Let me know in the comment section below.

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