6 Spa Bathroom Ideas to Refresh, Improve & Upgrade Your Space

Today I'm going to share with you six easy ways that you can elevate the look and feel of your bathroom. These spa-like bathroom ideas can translate into any style space that you have. All you need for a bathroom upgrade is a little elbow grease and a few small items to refresh the space.

spa bathroom ideas, How to declutter a bathroom
How to declutter a bathroom

1. Declutter the toilet base

Remove the plungers, toilet brush, and trash can from around the base of your toilet. Not only will it make that space feel bigger, but it will look a lot nicer. You can imagine how you feel when staring at a plunger with some particles left on it. It's gross. It does not make you feel like the bathroom is nice.

Just put the plunger and the toilet cleaning brush under your sink. If you don't have any cabinet space in your bathroom, you can always put them under the kitchen sink, like I do.

Or put the plunger and the cleaning brush into a trash can that you can store under a sink.

spa bathroom ideas, Elegant bathroom trash cans
Elegant bathroom trash cans
spa bathroom ideas, Bathroom trash cans
Bathroom trash cans
More about the trash can

If you absolutely have to have a trash can next to your toilet, absolutely do not have an open trash can. There is nothing less elegant in a bathroom than an open trash bin. Go for something that's closed with a minimal profile and minimal color so that it almost disappears.

spa bathroom ideas, Bathroom upgrades
Bathroom upgrades
spa bathroom ideas, Using good quality towels
Using good quality towels

2. Use nicer towels

If you're using a beach towel that has bright colors or you’re using a free promotional or gifted towel, it does not elevate the look of your bathroom. Go for white towels because they typically create a spa feel in the bathroom.

However, white towels are tough to keep clean so I switched to darker graphite-colored towels that are easier to keep clean. I don't know if I can ever go back to having white towels. Whatever color you choose, just make sure they are super plush to bring a luxurious feel into your bathroom.

spa bathroom ideas, White bathroom vs dark bathroom
White bathroom vs dark bathroom

3. Ditch the all-white look

All-white bathrooms can feel sterile and almost hospital-like to me. I like to paint the walls in my bathroom to have a dark and moody vibe. It was so relaxing and calming, and now I'm all about dark bathrooms.

spa bathroom ideas, Decluttered bathroom
Decluttered bathroom

4. Eliminate the clutter

Less is more and less just looks nicer. Take a few minutes every day to quickly put away all of the things that you pulled out while you were getting ready for the day, it will make your bathroom look so much nicer.

If you have dirty Q-tips or extra floss or all the lids from the products you're using while you are getting ready, just take time to quickly put those back on and put them away.

spa bathroom ideas, Aromatica bottles
Aromatica bottles
spa bathroom ideas, Swapping out bottles for nice packaging
Swapping out bottles for nice packaging

5. Swap out your bottles

This is an easy fix and it doesn't have to be expensive but swapping out your bottles will completely transform your bathroom. I'm a huge fan of swapping ugly label containers for either clear bottles or brown plastic bottles.

There is a reusable bottle to suit any design taste. You can even print them out yourself, but just make sure that the labels are waterproof. I buy soap at the dollar store and add it to my brown bottle and it looks more sophisticated than the cheap packaging from the dollar store.

I like to seek out products that have really beautiful packaging. I love the Aromatica brand for its minimal packaging.

spa bathroom ideas, Adding flowers to a bathroom
Adding flowers to a bathroom
spa bathroom ideas, Spa bathroom ideas
Spa bathroom ideas

6. Add greenery

Greenery brings life and a sense of calm into your bathroom. Add a small vase of flowers, with something you cut from a bush in your yard. It doesn't have to be fancy or expensive, just something you found when you walked in the park that you can clip for free.

Spa bathroom ideas

I hope these bathroom upgrade ideas help you make your bathroom look a little bit nicer. These tips are inexpensive but have a huge impact. Please share your spa bathroom ideas with us in the comments!

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  • Ana Sudy Ana Sudy on Oct 30, 2023
    Sorry but " you can always put them under the kitchen sink" it is the best way to have crossed contamination. Things for bath in the bath and things for kitchen in the kitchen.
    • Lil33104214 Lil33104214 2 days ago
      Agreed, I keep my plunger in the laundry room between the washer and dryer against the back wall …no one sees it there and it’s not able to cross-contaminate anything.
  • Cosette Burke Cosette Burke 2 days ago
    Great ideas! I have a tiny bathroom and all of these are helpful. I especially like the photo of the plant & tissue box in the container on the toilet. A look I haven’t seen often and can easily do.