Moody Small Bathroom Makeover: 10 Budget-Friendly Ideas

Do you remember that Pinterest bathroom that everybody wanted in 2010? The one with all of those subway tiles and the black grout? Well, that just happens to be my bathroom. And I hate to say it, but I've just never been a fan of it. So we're going to un-makeover this outdated Pinterest bathroom by completing a renter-friendly small bathroom makeover that is perfect for autumn.

Here are two things to consider before collecting small bathroom makeover ideas for your home:

1. Function Needed

Before we begin any new project, we first ask ourselves, what are the functions of this space?

Cluttered bathroom countertop

This is a space that both my husband and I use every single day and where we do all of our self-care here, which is obvious from all the clutter.

2. Current problems

Then we ask ourselves, what are the problems that we need to fix?

Bathroom before the makeover

The first thing worth noting is that it just feels very cold to me.

Bright lights

Another problem is that at night, it stays very bright thanks to all the white tiles and walls.

Ineffective towel rod

And lastly, there is a problem with storage, including an ineffective towel rod and cluttered countertops.

Small bathroom makeover ideas on a budget

These are the changes that we implemented in our own home:

Applying painter's tape

1. Apply new paint

I've been wanting to paint a space in our house so I decided to go ahead and blend the wall with the existing floorboards. I did this mainly because I wanted to buy a gallon of paint so I could do touch-ups around the house and only spend money on this once.

I got the exact same finish as well because this finish is better for reducing the overall look of the texture on the walls. Plus, it holds up very well in bathrooms, a place where there is always a lot of humidity.

Removing the towel bar

2. Remove the towel bar

Step number two was to remove this towel bar. It has been a huge stressor for me because the space between the rod and the wall is so small, and if you have any kind of fluffy American-sized towel, it's not going to fit in there.

Lifting the shower rod

3. Lift the shower rod

I asked my husband to install the shower rod a little bit higher for us next. It was very low originally, and it made the small bathroom feel even more claustrophobic. So we went ahead and moved it up to the very top, and I added this new shower curtain from Target.

Installing a new toilet seat

4. Install a new toilet seat

One thing that really stresses me out is that sound when your toilet seat slams down. It's just shocking to your system because it's so loud. So I asked my husband if he could switch out the original toilet seat for a soft close one instead.

Hanging towel hooks

5. Hang new towel hooks

Next, we're moving on to adding new towel hooks that are more functional for us. I grabbed these little wood towel hooks because I like the look of wood without being super farmhouse-y. It was really important to me to install this close to the shower because when I'm in the shower, I want optimal towel reach.

I don't want it to get drafty when I'm opening the shower curtain and trying to grab my towel after I've got it all steamy in there. I want to slide my hand out and quickly pull my towel in so that I can maintain all of the heat inside the shower.

Painting the ceiling

6. Paint the ceiling

Circling back to finish step number one, I got very creative and decided to tape a paintbrush onto a giant pole so I could actually reach the ceiling. I did my best to kind of give the ceiling an extra coat of paint in the areas that are a little bit splotchy.

Installing bathroom storage

7. Incorporate more storage

While I was painting the ceiling, my husband moved on to incorporating more storage into this space. I got these cheap floating shelves off of Amazon and I painted them the same color as the wall so you don’t really notice them. The hardest part was deciding which height was best to hang them.

Bathroom decor

8. Decorate the space

Once the new shelving was up, we added the essential items, like washcloths and perfume, to the shelves and then went back and added the cute decor items. I didn’t want the shelves to get too cluttered so I was careful with what we chose to store here. Other items we added included a candle, a bottle of Poo-Pourri, and my husband's shaving kit.

Seasonal soap

9. Put out seasonal decor

Step number nine was to add a touch of autumn. These Meyer’s soaps are a fantastic way to incorporate that. Next, I had this beautiful glass jar, and I filled it with some autumn flowers.

Motion sensor lights

10. Add additional lighting

Step number 10 is to solve our lighting problem. I don't want to swap out the light features that we currently have. Instead, I want to add additional lighting to make it less bright whenever you stumble out of bed in the middle of the night, need to go to the bathroom, and don't necessarily want to turn the big light on.

So I added these motion sensor lights from Amazon. I love these, and they are just enough light so that you can see the toilet at night.

Small bathroom makeover

Small bathroom makeover

I hope my small bathroom makeover shows you that you don't have to spend a ton of money to transform your space. When you want to makeover a small bathroom on a budget, you only have to get creative and do your best with whatever you have.

Just make sure you're identifying the functions and the problems you currently have with the bathroom so you can address them later on and create a space that you love. My small bathroom makes me so incredibly happy.

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