Interior Design Tips and Tricks For a Pop of Color

Kim Lewis
by Kim Lewis

I have a few interior design tips and tricks to pop unexpected colors into your space without painting. I hope you're inspired to be more colorful in your home. Below are companies that can help you make your interior design as unique as you are.

Colorful light switches

1. Don't match your hardware

No one ever said your hardware had to blend in. In an article I read, they found a company with colorful light switches. It's called The Conran Shop. They have all of these colors and light switches.

Light switch colors

When I'm on a construction site, the electrician asks Kim, what color plates do you want for the switches?

Even though it's specified on the plans, I'd always say white. I know that the world is your oyster with color, so I am rethinking boring white light switches.

If you're gonna do this, you probably want to make sure the walls are either contrasting, or you could blend in the paint color with the light switch and have this wonderful integrated solution.

Colorful cabinetry

2. Colorful cabinetry

A company called Reform creates beautiful cabinets with a lot of graphic punch in the design and a lot of open-mindedness to colorful cabinetry.

Reform has a solution for pairing an IKEA system called the Section system. They have a new design called Match. Now, these doors are made to go in front of, to be attached to the Section system from IKEA. You go into this, and it's called the Match system. So they have taken these that can be applied to the IKEA drawer fronts and door cabinets. Beautiful solution.

Terrazzo washbasin

3. Washbasins

This is a company out of Mallorca, Spain. Huguet is a really beautiful company that has a lot of different terrazzos.

Washbasin with terrazzo

These wash basins will make your eyeballs pop out of your head.

This sink is stunning eye candy and something unique and different. The faucets are so nice, but I like how they've integrated plants into the system.

Up and Down Sconce from In Common With

4. Lighting

This lighting company called In Common With has a fixture called the Up and Down Sconce. I like the idea of this from a functionality standpoint. The down task light offers functionality for tasks, but the up light gives you an ambient glow on the wall, so it becomes a piece of art.

This comes in five different colors. They have black, bone, red, which looks more burgundy to me, green, and peach. This is a nice solution.

Light fixtures

If you don't want to commit to a sink basin that's hard to tear out, just do light fixtures. Colorful light fixtures in your bathroom or kitchen are such a nice way to give it character and personality.

Colorful appliances

5. Colorful appliances

Go to Blue Star Cooking and build your own Blue Star. You can pick a refrigerator or a cooktop range, and they have over 750 colors, all the colors you could ever want. Commit to something like this; it will be a conversation piece in your house forever. You can even pick the trim, like copper. You don't have to stick to stainless steel.

6. Faucets and fixtures

Another company I found at a trade show two years ago is called Vola.

Faucets and fixtures from Vola

They're very Scandinavian in style and have all of these different fixtures and faucet colors.

They also have integrated soap dispensers and hand showers, so you can set up your whole system to be a colorful solution in your bathroom. You can get a very small faucet in terms of profile, so it's a great interior design solution for small-space living.

Concrete washbasin sink from Nood Co

7. More color

Nood Co has a beautiful concrete washbasin sink. I love the organic shape of this sink.

It's not a bad price point for a statement piece; it comes in many colors. I love how concrete adds an organic, earthy tone to your bathroom or kitchen

Interior design is all about following the lines and how shapes and things play against each so I want to point this out because we're here.

Nood Co concrete furniture

An arched top mirror with an arched oval pill basin with steel legs that are rounded on the corners is genius; the design keeps your eye bouncing around the bathroom.

Hafele hardware

Hafele is a hardware company out of America, and they have just about every piece of hardware you need.

Closet systems, cabinet hardware, hinges and handles, and things you don't even see behind the cabinets. These are pulls; they're an excellent solution if you do not want to commit to something too expensive to add color to your space.

Hardware is like the place where you dip your toes. It's low cost, low budget. You don't have to make a big dent. You can change it out. You don't have to hire someone. Just be sure you match the spacing on the existing hardware so you don't have to put any holes in your cabinet doors.

Experiment with color

I love these unexpected ideas for bringing color into your space in non-intimidating and unexpected ways. Like I said, just dip your toes if you're afraid of color and unsure where to go. I would say pick one of these ideas and see how it goes. If you're daring, pick three.

You don't want color in every fixture, so be sure there's a hierarchy and some thought and intention on where you're putting the color. That's exactly where your eye will go, so you want to make sure you're being thoughtful where the color goes, but have fun with it.

I hope you learned something new with these interior design tips and tricks about color. Are you using color in your interior design? Share your ideas, plans, and tips in the comments below. I'd love to hear from you!

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    I am sure it would be a lot less expensive to repaint than to replace appliances, fixtures and furniture.