How We Styled Our New Girls-Only Summer Patio Space

Summer is approaching fast, so we want to get our summer patio all set up. We are looking for a nice relaxing place to enjoy the lazy days of summer. We want you to join us at Shonda's house.

We've set up a comfy and cozy setting for two.

Shonda and I decided that no boys would be allowed in this space. We love this area, so we put together a space that would allow us to come in after a hard day's work, sit in the evening, and have a nice cool drink while surrounded by things that we love.

We have decor pieces and wall decor, and this area would not be complete without our flowers.

Now, we've had someone ask us about the ferns being in direct sunlight, and as you can see, they are doing just fine. We don't really have any problems with them. I will say that they have to be watered daily.

The colors that Shonda has chosen, as well as the tropical vibes, make this a truly relaxing space for us to retire to in the evenings.

We are just in search of making the life that we live a life that we love because life is short.

Do you have your summer patio set up? What have you done to create your summer space? Share your ideas in the comments below.

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