How to Create a DIY Dry Bar & Chill Lounge For a Man Cave

A DIY dry bar is the perfect Father’s Day gift! I’ll show you the step-by-step journey of creating a DIY dry bar and chill lounge that took four weeks to complete.

I transformed an ordinary room into a stylish and comfortable space for my husband. It’s packed full of DIY man cave ideas. I’ll show you the details but stay tuned for the reveal at the end!

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The room was a drop-off for junk and unfinished projects. I found the inspiration for this room for a YouTube channel by Jeremy Siers. He is all about beards, whiskey, and cigars and I loved his whiskey room. I wanted to do something similar.


I went with a darker paint to create that really moody and rich look. The paint is by Behr and it’s called Chimney.


Then I added in trim. I decided to try foam trim. If you are trying to do crown molding by yourself, this is a great idea–it’s easy to install and affordable. I was quoted around $800 to install regular crown molding for this 12-foot by 11-foot room because of the rising cost of lumber. This was a great alternative and it only cost about $150 as a comparison.

Picture frame molding

I tried miterless edges because I didn’t want to make cuts but it didn’t work very well. This part was not easy so I advise having the cuts made for you.


I did not lay the flooring myself–I hired a great small company to do it.

Dry bar

I installed a 24-inch built-in dual-zone beverage fridge with French doors from Newair. I anchored 12-inch kitchen cabinets to each side of the fridge. I painted the cabinets to match the walls. For the top, I put on a beautiful piece of butcher block and stained it.


I installed this iron and wood shelving for my husband’s growing whiskey collection, cocktail accessories, and glasses. The wood pieces came from Home Depot and I stained them. I added LED strip lighting to the back pieces to reflect a little bit of light off the walls to give the room that super cool edge. There’s also recessed lighting with a dinner.

Wall art

I had custom maps framed. The maps are different parts of Martha’s Vineyard where my husband’s family is from. I added a framed vintage shot of his grandfather’s old building on the island. I added an African skull, and his grandfather’s bow.

The reveal

I added in details like a cool record player by Audio-Technica, some vintage albums, more whiskey for his collection, oversized leather tufted seats, a dark round coffee table, and lots of sentimental pieces in the room. This room is full of little gifts.

DIY dry bar

My husband was so excited about his DIY dry bar. I hope you found some DIY dry bar ideas for your project or you’re inspired to create a man cave for your home. Let me know what you think in the comments!

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