6 Decluttering & Home Decor Ideas For Beautifying Your Space

Monica Rose
by Monica Rose

Today we are diving deep into a friend's space to declutter, decorate, and revitalize their family room, kitchen, and backyard.

I recently had the honor to help my friend Julie bring new life to these spaces, helping her to declutter her home decor and choose the right colors to make everything flow just a little bit better. The result is clean, comfortable, and very cozy and inviting. Let me show you how I did it!

House before:

Cluttered living room
Cluttered kitchen
Neutral colored sofa

1. Choosing colors

After clearing everything away in this family room, I'm going to reintroduce some pieces of decor. I'm going to start very slowly with some neutral colors. That way Julie can add an accent pillow of any color that she chooses. So for right now we're going to stick to everything pretty neutral.

Decluttered living spaces

2. Decluttering

Decluttering your home can do so much for your mental health. It can help reduce stress. It can enhance focus and productivity. It can also give you a sense of control in your own living environment that contributes to a feeling of peace and contentment in your own home. I encourage you to just declutter one room!

Magnolia wreath on the mantle

Best Farmhouse wreath!

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3. Details on the mantle

Over here on the mantle I'm going to be adding this beautiful magnolia wreath Julie found this at Joanne's and I think it looks perfect over here. It adds that pop of green with those beautiful magnolia flowers that pick up the cream color on the sofa and the throw that's draped over this beautiful antique rocking chair.

Bouquet of fresh flowers
Fresh flowers in the kitchen

4. Fresh flowers

One of my favorite ways to add a pop of color and brightness is by adding a bouquet of fresh flowers. We picked these up at Trader Joe's and this soft pink color is going to look absolutely perfect in this kitchen.

Decluttered kitchen
Glass bottles for hand soap and dish soap

5. Decluttering the kitchen

We had some amber colored bottles over here of dish soap, hand soap, and the packaging where the dish taps went in. We just switched those out and used these beautiful glass bottles.

We picked a container to put the dish tabs in and then we have them sitting on this tray that we found at HomeGoods. The hand soap and dish soap bottles were found on Amazon and they do come with those beautiful labels.

Oil and vinegar bottles

Oil and vinegar bottles

We use that same concept over here by the stove by switching out the oil and vinegar bottles and you can pick these up at any home store like HomeGoods, Marshalls, Ross, At Home, or any of those stores. You can probably even find them on Amazon.

By decluttering your kitchen you can create a functional, efficient, and pleasant space that supports your culinary endeavors and promotes a healthier and more enjoyable cooking experience. Decluttering your kitchen is also very aesthetically pleasing.

A clutter-free kitchen is visually appealing. It creates a sense of order and cleanliness making the space more inviting and enjoyable to be in. It can also positively impact the overall aesthetic of your entire home.

Decluttering outside

6. Decluttering outside

Here’s a before shot above: We're going to head on outside and make a few minor changes to bring this backyard back to life. Julie and her husband love to entertain and they spend a lot of time out here with their family as well so we're just going to add a few elements to help make everything a little more cozy.

Adding lanterns and pillows to the bench

Bench pillows

We added three cozy throw pillows to this bench and some really adorable lanterns and this little area is so much more inviting now.

Hammock before
Hammock after

Hammock before and after

Julie absolutely loves the boho look and we found the perfect hammock and this one looks so much better (above). It flows better with the colors that we have chosen to use out here and it just makes everything flow just so much more, turning this backyard into the oasis that she wants and loves.

Throw blankets on outdoor chairs
Decluttering home decor ideas

Throw blankets

For those cool nights when her family and friends want to sit around the fire, we thought it would be a great idea to add these adorable throw blankets and just drape them over each one of the chairs.

Julie has chosen some colors that flow with that boho look. We picked like the sea foam green and the peach and just those beachy type colors and even though it was just a minor adjustment it really cozied up the space.

Decluttering home decor ideas

I had so much fun hanging out with one of my very best friends and helping her turn her spaces into something more comfortable and relaxing. These home decorating ideas are classic but they can fit into everyone’s space and style.

Remember, I encouraged you to declutter just one room in your house. Please let me know in the comments how much better that made you feel, how your space brings you peace, and how calming it is to be in the room.

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