Afro-Boho Attic: Redesigning the Upper Space in My Home

Today I'm focusing on redesigning an upper space in my home, the attic. It's really a converted attic since I use it as a den. I also have a cool office space up here, and both these rooms would lend themselves well to an Afro-Boho aesthetic.

So I’ll be making and purchasing some Afro-Boho decor and showing you how I style each of these spaces. Let’s begin the refresh.

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First, I decided to go with an accent wall concept.

I wanted to move away from the monochromatic look, where the walls and carpet match.

I chose to go with Origami White by Sherwin-Williams, and the accent wall is Urban Bronze by Sherwin-Williams. I love that color. I've used it in a client space, and I was so eager to use it in my own home.

This is my attic, refreshed, remodeled, and redesigned.

This is a cozy corner that I have here.

I handmade these curtains with beautiful floral fabric that I bought.

This cozy little nook is a fun spot to kick up your feet and watch TV, read a book, or read a magazine.

I love trees, so it was so awesome to find wall art that really symbolizes the tree-hugger side of myself.

This futon I've had for a very long time. I actually made this futon cover with purchased fabric. The pillows with the round orange print were repurposed.

I got these prints from thrifting then I purchased those frames. This really cool tin tile I got in the Eastern Market several years ago, probably almost twenty years ago, and I hung it there. It looks really cool in that space.

Then I have my coffee table, which was a great small footprint find because this attic space is fairly narrow but still comfortable. And I love this Afro-Boho vibe with the wicker covering over this.

Then, I dressed the table with a serving tray that I got thrifting and put some of my favorite decor magazines there in a nice little vase.

This chair here I purchased years ago from Wayfair. And then I had this remnant piece of mudcloth, which I attached to the back of the chair here, pinned it, then flipped it over so I could really give a nice, comfy, really chic Afro-Boho vibe to this chair, which I love.

I have matching lamps on both sides of the futon.

Up at the ceiling, those slats used to be exposed wood, so I decided to paint everything to give it this seamless feel and make the ceilings feel even higher.

Plus, I painted out the closet doors. There's great storage back there.

My television nook over there I've had for a long time. I kept that the same.

This sweet piece right here, I love it. It was a gift. Hanging above it is my own art, and I put a vase with eucalyptus there.

Here is my office area. It is painted in Urban Bronze by Sherwin-Williams.

I wrapped that around here and made this cool book stand.

I have more of my own artwork here hanging behind me. This happens to be mudcloth. There's some symbolism there.

These curtains hanging here were actually a shower curtain that I got from the thrift store, brought it home, washed it, cleaned it, and all that. Then I handmade these curtains, and they look perfect. They work perfectly here.

I got that chair from Target and then I made this covering to make it more like the kind of chair I wanted in this space, and I love it. It's perfect.

I got this beautiful butcher block top as well. I've had this for a long time. I got it thrifting so again you know my custom on a budget philosophy is sustainability, repurposing things you already have, thrifting, doing estate sales, and using Facebook Marketplace, the whole nine.

And then here I have my storage area over there with my printer and my mic.

Plus, I always have great signs that, you know, help me stay encouraged and feeling positive.

Oh, I forgot to show you my other love.

This little section is actually dedicated to my mom who has passed on. This used to sit in her office at her job. There she is in a photo with me. I'm pregnant with my son, and there is my son when he was little. This was one of my mom's favorite pieces that she had.

Then, here's my last love. Live, love, laugh. Again, having these positive reinforcement reminders in your space I think is super important.

I do want to show you kind of this last little nook. When you come up the stairs to the attic, I created this little respite spot here. You can sit here and take your shoes off. Family photos are also over there. It's so inviting.

This joint is so inviting! I'm really proud of this space. I come up here every single day, well definitely to use my office, but also to meditate, to relax, to watch some TV, to zen out, and I entertain friends up here as well. We come up here and chill out and talk and everything.

Afro-Boho attic

Afro-Boho decor looks amazing in living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, and yes, even attics. So if you’re intrigued by the idea of creating an Afro-Boho chic vibe in your home, don’t be afraid to tackle any space you have.

Let me know what you think of this Afro-Boho attic remix, refresh, and redefinition in the comments section that follows.

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