How I Style My Summer Mantel Decor

What I'm sharing with you today in my old summertime farmhouse decorating series is my summer mantel decor. Anything that I have to climb up on a step stool, I have already done. I'll be going over the rest of my decor with you.

I have just my window and a flag that's just placed just behind it.

I wanted a 3x5 flag to drape on this window, but it's hard to find all-cotton flags. Most of them are nylon or some polyester, and they don't look good, so I'm going to continue looking for one of those flags. For now, the little flag on the stick is going to work.

Some of the items are some of the things that I thrifted this year. So I've done a little something with them along with some things that I already have. To start, let's go ahead and start with the right side of the mantle.

The mantel - right to left

I think I picked this little basket up from Hobby Lobby.

I have my husband's grandfather's Bible.

It's a little tattered and torn, but I'm going to use it up there.

I also have a couple of these wooden vases that I got from Hobby Lobby several years ago.

I love them. I love natural wood. Occasionally, I'll put some flowers in it, but today, I'm just going to add these up there.

I thrifted candlesticks from our trip to West Virginia at Goodwill.

They were gold colored. I spray painted them a matte black, and I found on clearance at Hobby Lobby a couple of these battery-operated tapered candles. I love them. I love the glow.I'm going to add these up there.

I picked up this little chalkboard, and I was indecisive about whether I was going to paint it white, but I'm not going to.

I'm going to leave that for wood. I like it. I used my cameo silhouette to make the letters to put on there, and this is precisely what I wanted to say. God shed his grace on thee.

The next thing I'm going to add is my Farm Fresh Ray Dunn vase.

I love to put fresh flowers in it when I get them. I'm going to turn this around, and I have some summertime daisies that I am going to add in there. How beautiful are those?

The next item that I have is a little mantle clock that Mr. Fixit made for me, and I usually keep it out.

It may be on my hutch. At times, it's on my mantle, and this is made out of a wormy chestnut wood, which chestnut trees don't exist anymore. So my husband had some of this wood, and he made this little mantel clock. I'll add this to my mantel.

For the next item, I put a battery-operated lightweight candle inside.

After doing a little research, I found it is called an onion lantern. I believe the proper name is a steeple lantern. I'm going to add this to my mantel for the summer.

Bottom of fireplace

Now, for the bottom of my fireplace, I have this wire basket that I'm going to sit on the fireplace since it's summertime. We have some birch wood inside the fireplace. We cleaned up the fireplace and put in some birch wood that looks nice. Since we don't use the fireplace in the summertime, I can add a few pillows and blankets to the basket.

For the other side of my fireplace, I generally keep a little riser. I got this from Hobby Lobby.

I have a little farmhouse-style mini apple basket with just some ivy in it that  I'll place on the other side of the fireplace.  

Living room view

Here are some room views. My end tables are used as a catch-all for things that I don't use elsewhere, and they sort of wind up under those end tables.

There's also a sneak peek of that wall next to the front door. It's not entirely done. It needs a baseboard, and I can't wait to find the right piece of furniture for that area.

I hope that I have inspired you with my summer mantel decor. Will you be decorating your mantel for summer? Share your dead in the comments below.

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