Tips For Refreshing & Spring Decorating in Your Living Spaces

We are going to be starting our spring decorating in the entryway and living room. I'm incredibly excited about it because it is a new season. It's a refresh, making the space feel brand new again.

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I went ahead and wiped down my console table, and I only used water for this because I didn't want to damage the wood with any harsh chemicals, so I only used water.

For my vase here, I replaced the branches with these beautiful ones.

I got these at Hobby Lobby. They are so gorgeous, and I just love the vibe that it's giving. It's almost like the branches are sprouting, giving that spring vibe, like things are coming back to life, essentially.

I stacked some books in the left corner of my console table: Homebody by Joanna Gaines and Down to Earth by Lauren Liess.

Then I just started kind of playing with my decor, figuring out how I wanted to decorate it and how I wanted to style it.

I think that for that little jar with the lid open, It would be perfect to even layer it like a tiny little beaded garland coming out of it.

I love this candle care kit.

I've never had one, and honestly, I never realized that I needed one, especially knowing that I love candles and have candles all over my house. This is so helpful; it helps me keep my candles clean and last longer.

This is the entryway, which is all decorated for spring. I like looking at it every time I walk by; hopefully, you will also get inspiration from this.

Formal living room

This area is a place where I have it decorated. We don't typically hang out in this space because we have a family room.

So, In this area, the couch is sideways because we don't usually watch TV here, but we do have a TV hanging there just in case we have family over.

We want to ensure we have every space available to hang out. I think it just makes the space feel a lot more homey.

For the couch, I love having my blankets draped. I do have some other sections in my house where I fold them. It's like a mix of both.

For my planter here or my vase that I got from Target, I went ahead and added the same branches in the entryway and the console table and filled it with some paper.

I ran to Hobby Lobby, picked up some moss, and filled it with the moss so it looked much more realistic.

I have a toddler, so it's hard to style coffee tables because he'll throw everything. I just put a small magazine and a candle in it because if I put anything else, it will end up on the floor.

Over here in this corner, I have this cute little milking stool and a vase that I DIY'd.

Then for my chairs, I just draped a blanket and added the leather lumbar pillow I used to have on my couch.

I love how my living room looks decorated for spring. You can see the olive tree in the background. There are a couple of things missing, as you can tell. I don't have a lamp or anything on my little side table. It's all coming together slowly.

Kitchen sneak peek

Now for a little sneak peek into my kitchen. I'll do my coffee bar area, and we will remodel our kitchen. We'll be doing an awesome DIY and will paint the backsplash and epoxy our countertops. So I'm super excited how that's going to turn out.

I wanted to bring the spring vibes onto this side because I feel like you never honestly decorate if you don't have a tiered tray with spring stuff on it.

So I went ahead and cut up some flowers that I had. These are some Cosmos. I just played around with my decor, trying to figure out what I wanted to do. The little bunny that's up at the top is so freaking cute. It is so rustic and so pretty.

I have always loved adding a mug, so I added this one from Target. Then, I played around with my plants to see how to fill the space.

Spring decorating in living spaces

Have you started spring decorating? What are you using for decor? Share your ideas in the comments below.

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