Must-Have Glassware: A Tour of My Personal Collection


I'm sharing my opinion about your must-have glassware to add to your home collection. Over the years I’ve collected glasses from Crate & Barrel, HomeGoods, Macy's, and other stores. I’ll show them to you and let you know how I use them.

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Glassware collection

As you can see, I love wine glasses and coupe glasses (round bowls with straight sides). Depending on the kind of drink you have, the glass determines the taste.

Camille glass

1. Camille glass

The first glass I have is a Camille red wine glass from the Camille line at Crate & Barrel. I love the very long stem, the bowl is more like a sphere, and it gives me a chic, classy brunch type of vibe. The collection has white wine glasses, as well.

Hip glass

2. Hip glass

Here’s the Hip white wine glass from the Hip collection of contemporary drinkware at Crate & Barrel. Traditionally, white wine is served in a glass with a narrow bowl.

Red wine is served in more of a rounded bowl–so think of a big balloon (red) versus a tulip (white). This white wine glass is modern but with a classic feel.

Moxie coupe glass

4. Moxie coupe glass

Here’s the Moxie coupe glass from Crate & Barrel. I love the imprint on the bowl of the glass. I typically serve champagne in this. You can use it for wine, too. It’s a very festive, New Year’s Eve type of vibe. The stem is shorter and the lip is elegant, delicate, and thin.

HomeGoods coupe glass

5. HomeGoods coupe glass

This is a coupe glass from HomeGoods. I love the imprint on this bowl, too. This can hold wine since the bowl is a little taller than Moxie and the stem is sturdier. It’s not as delicate but it’s so elegant.

Dublin goblet

6. Dublin goblet

This is one of my more formal glasses that can hold either red or white wine. Think of holidays when you have a more formal tablescape.

This is the Dublin Goblet from Godinger Stemware and I found a set of eight at Macy’s. The bowl has long faceted cuts in a traditional starburst pattern which makes the glass sparkle and shine.

Tour champagne glass

7. Tour champagne glass

This glass from Crate & Barrel has such a chic, sleek body. These glasses would be great for serving bellinis or mimosas at brunch.

Martini glass

8. Martini glass

I bought this martini glass from HomeGoods. I love the thin lip and sturdy stem. It’s a little different from a traditional martini glass but this one has that wow factor.

High ball glass

9. High ball glass

This is a tumbler used to serve tall cocktails and other mixed drinks that contain a large portion of non-alcoholic mixers that are typically poured over ice. I use this for mojitos or other non-alcoholic drinks.

Sculpted stem wine glass

10. Sculpted stem wine glass

This glass is a combination of a red wine glass and a coupe. This sturdy stem is beautiful–it has a sculpted design. I bought a pack of four from HomeGoods. This is great for a modern Christmas tablescape and you wanted something slightly more formal.

Stemless champagne flutes

11. Stemless champagne flutes

This is more of a casual take on flutes. I use this for brunches. It’s almost like an everyday glass.


12. Tumblers

This sturdy tumbler is also casual and more like an everyday glass. I got this glass from Dollar Tree for juice, and infused waters, and you can also use it for wine.

Tulip stem champagne glass

13. Tulip stem champagne glass

This glass has an upper stem and bottom bowl that has more of a tulip shape. The lip and bowl are very thin and delicate. It is good to have at least two different types of champagne glasses in your collection. I purchased a set of these from HomeGoods.

Marquis by Waterford Markham glass

14. Marquis by Waterford Markham glass

This is the Mecca of all my glasses when it comes to being the most formal. I bought this collection at Macy’s. The stem has a beautifully sculpted design and starburst cuts in the bowl to give it an elegant and traditional feel. This is the perfect glass for an over-the-top formal holiday dinner.

Glassware collection

What do you think of my must-have glassware collection? Are you as passionate about glassware as I am? Leave me comments below!

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  • Sue Sue on Mar 24, 2024
    What's the must have item for the kitchen? All this glassware? Sorry, I see these for $1.49 ea at most thrifts. People are going stemless and barely any crystal of any kind.