Simple Design Rules For Mixing Metals: How to Mix Metal Finishes

Mixing metals in your kitchen or bathroom can be easier than you think. I've got some tips for you on how to mix metals without causing yourself a headache.

First off, I recommend sticking to just two or three different metals in each room. The key is to do it on purpose, not by accident.

Gold faucets with black light fixtures and cabinet hardware

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Here's a simple way to do it: group similar things together. For example, all your plumbing fixtures could be one metal finish, like chrome or brass.

How to mix metals in the kitchen
Darker metal finish on the faucet
Contrasting metal finishes on light fixtures

Then, your door handles and cabinet knobs could be another finish, maybe something like nickel.

Finally, your lighting fixtures can match one of those finishes or you could add a third one into the mix.

Mixed metal finishes with warm undertones

Now, when you're choosing your metal finishes, pay attention to two things: contrast and undertones.

Metals with warm undertones, like brass and nickel, usually look good in more classic-style rooms.

Mixing metal finishes in a bathroom
Metals with cool undertones

On the other hand, metals with cool undertones, like chrome and silver, are better for modern spaces. Black metal is like a chameleon - it goes with anything, so you can pair it with warm or cool undertones.

Metal finishes with the same undertone

Let's take a look at an example. Say you've got brass handles on your cabinets, a nickel faucet, and some lighting fixtures that are a mix of brass and black. They all have the same undertones, but they're different enough to create contrast.

Nickel and chrome

Now, here's what you want to avoid: mixing metals that look too similar. If they're too close, it just looks like you made a mistake or couldn't find the right hardware.

Black and oil-rubbed bronze
Brass and gold

So, steer clear of combos like nickel and chrome, black and oil-rubbed bronze, or brass and gold.

Mixing metals in home design

Remember, the goal is to mix metals with the intention of creating a stylish and cohesive look in your space.

Mixing metals in home design

Do you mix metals in your home? Share your ideas and tips in the comments below.

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