Styling My Buffet as a Vintage Ice Cream Bar For Summer

I'm going to be decorating my buffet table today. I want to set up an ice cream bar that's going to have a little vintage flare to it. I hope that you enjoy coming along for this latest decorate with me and appreciate the end result.

Up at the top there on the shelf, I went ahead and started putting up some decor.

I have a vintage ice cream sign that I got from Amazon, and I want to put that up there as well. Doesn’t that look great?

Next, I'm going to decorate some of the hooks before we start down on the buffet itself. To continue with my ice cream vintage theme, on the right there is a little basket I got from Amazon. The greenery was from Hobby Lobby. I thrifted the spoon from a neighbor. Then, I have a little bread basket that I've had for many years and also a cutting board that's from Hobby Lobby. The ice cream tea towel is new. I wanted something that had that vintage flare, and I found that on Amazon.

Let's go ahead and move to the top of the buffet. On the top of the buffet, I put a riser under the lamp to raise it up a bit because I've got something that's going on the other side, and I sort of want to balance that out. Those are my vintage milk bottles that I placed there next to the lamp, and, of course, you know it takes milk to make an ice cream bar. You could put some chocolate chips, sprinkles, or other toppings in those jars though since you wouldn’t want to leave milk out.

On the other side of my buffet, I have my old ice cream bucket. It's rusted and vintage-looking already. I just added some summertime florals. If you look really hard, you can see there's a couple of little birds on the branches. Then, I added a red checkered napkin underneath to give it that little summer flare.

The next items that I added were four ice cream dishes that I thrifted. Those I have had for many years, and I use them often for cream and pudding. I added a little snack tray later, and I put that on one of the metal stands. All of those items were thrifted from Goodwill.

Now we're getting to the fun part. As you can see, I took a clear jar and put some ice cream cones in it so you can just grab some ice cream and fill one of the cones up. I have a lot of fun with that jar.

Next, I took the cloche that I got from Michaels a couple of years ago, and it now has the waffle cones in it. My husband and I have already been getting into those glass jars with a little bit of ice cream.

How adorable is my ice cream now? I'm very pleased with the way that it's turning out. The other two little jars I have placed there now are full of goodies. They are from Hobby Lobby, and I've got sprinkles in the one sitting on the buffet and M&M's in the one that's up on the riser.

Let's continue on. The two little white creamers that I put there in the front that are holding the wooden spoons. These are great to grab for ice cream in a dish, but they would also be wonderful if you took them and dipped them in some fudge or some frosting and let them set. How fun would that be for the kids or grandkids?

One last item that I'm adding to my decor is this thrifted quilt that I found at a yard sale. I love the colors. I think I can use this for summer and then turn it over and go straight into the fall with it. It is just gorgeous.

Summer buffet decor

That is my summer decor for my buffet. I hope that I have inspired you in some way to decorate your own home. We are going to have a lot of fun with this ice cream snack bar.

What would you add to my ice cream bar? Let me know in the comments section.

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