Spring Kitchen Decor: 2 Green Flower Arrangements For Spring

Today, we are decorating my kitchen island with spring kitchen decor. I love keeping my island decorated for all seasons, and I think it's because when you first walk into the house, you first see that the living room and kitchen are open to one another. Come with me as I show you my kitchen, ready for spring.

Floral arrangements for spring

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Floral arrangement

What I'm showing you here are some flowers that I'm going to be using.

Citron green roses

I already had all of them except the very first ones that you saw, those pretty citron green roses; I did buy those at JOANN's, but everything else I either got in the thrift store or I've had it forever.

Clear vase for the pears

I made the vase a couple of years ago with a jar I bought at Family Dollar and a crystal candlestick I already had.

Cutting the flowers ready to arrange

I got it cleaned up, and we'll get started here by putting together my floral arrangement.

I always like to make the disclaimer that I am NOT a florist. I've never taken a class or anything like that, but I do love playing around with flowers. What I have here is a ribbon I got at Hobby Lobby, and I like it because of the texture and because it is wired. So, it does have a lot of flexibility to it.

I don't know if you've seen the tape method people use to assemble floral arrangements.

Ribbon in the flower arrangement

That's kind of what I've done here with this ribbon. I've just taken each stem and stuck it into an individual hole, and what that does is help keep your flowers together better.

Citron accent color

Citron accent color

I wanted to tell you about this pretty Citron green color. I also have this in my living room. I used it during a living room winter refresh. I did the living room first, and I love that color so much that I knew I would keep it on throughout the Spring and incorporate it a little throughout the house.

Another little thing I wanted to share with you all is that we love going to the Home Depot or Lowe's. We always get a lot of inspiration for many things we didn't even know we needed. On the other hand, our husbands could take it or leave it because it always adds to their honey-do list.

Bunny on top

Bunny decor

As we move over here to where my bunny rabbit is, I wanted to tell you that he is sitting atop a jewelry box. I used it as a riser because he was sunk too far into the grass without it.

Spring kitchen decor

Also, these beautiful bunny ornaments, the eggs I got at Hobby Lobby just the other day, are $2.99 each, and then you get an additional 40% off of that, so they were perfect for my spring color scheme this year.

I hope you've enjoyed seeing my spring kitchen decor for my kitchen island, and once again, that gorgeous vibrant green color is called Citron Green.

Spring kitchen decor

Have you started using spring kitchen decor to prepare your home for Spring? What is your favorite decor to use? Share your ideas in the comments below.

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