The Best Kitchen Island Measurements For an Island With Seating

by Kadilakhomes

Sometimes there are kitchen spaces where the kitchen island is located in the middle of the kitchen and there are perimeter countertops on both sides of the space.

On one side, you’ll have seating where there will be people pulling chairs out so you want to make sure you account for extra space there so the space is functional and comfortable.

You will need to make kitchen island measurements that make sense for this type of layout. Here’s how:

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Space for kitchen island seating

1. Space for seating

For example, you’ll see in this current kitchen, there are 52 inches between the countertops. I recommend a minimum of 48 inches of space allowance between the perimeter kitchen counter and the kitchen island.

Kitchen island layout measurements

2. What if there’s a fridge?

If there is a fridge behind the island seating area, you want to go even more than 52 inches to prevent congestion and discomfort. You don’t want everyone on top of each other if someone is sitting down at the island and someone at the fridge.

How to measure a kitchen island

3. Best scenario

Try your best to situate the seating of your island so that it’s in front of just cabinets and not any appliances.

Kitchen island measurements

I hope I could offer enough guidance on kitchen island measurements to ensure that your kitchen layout accommodates smooth traffic flow and comfortable use of your space.

Let me know in the comments if this is helpful. Also, let me know if you have had issues with your kitchen island that you were able to troubleshoot because that would be helpful to others.

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