Cottage-Style Mudroom Makeover: Easy & Practical Updates

This DIY mudroom makeover is part of an extreme 100-year-old home remodeling project. We gave this mudroom a vintage cottage-style makeover to be functional, updated, and beautiful. So if you are interested in mudroom makeover ideas, you’ve come to the right place.

Mudroom area before

This nook of the kitchen serves as a mudroom because here in the Pacific Northwest, there’s a lot of rain and mud. This area is central to this home and it’s also a great place to display some pieces that are important to my mother-in-law.

Mudroom before the makeover

The front door opens into the kitchen and the other rooms all branch off from the space. Any visitor sees whatever is on display here.

Painting the walls
Painting the baseboards

1. Painting

The kitchen, the entryway, and the dining and living rooms all connect without any doors so we painted all the walls the same color. We picked a greige (gray and beige) that will be used throughout the house, even on the trim.

Spray-painting the light switches
Spray paints
Black light switches
The light switches were an easy area to save money because we spraypainted them instead of buying all new ones. I used a good primer so the paint won’t start chipping in a few months. We don’t want this to be a cheap solution, we want it to be something that will last. Then I sprayed them with antique bronze.

Beadboard panels

2. DIY beadboard

We didn’t want the mudroom to look bland and flat so we added layers to the walls to break it up. Beadboard was the perfect fix because it has that vintage cottage Northwest vibe. This was our first time installing beadboard but I believe these projects are not always just for the experts.

Applying Liquid Nails to the beadboard
Securing the boards with nails
We used Liquid Nails to glue the beadboard to the walls at first. However, there was a lot of spackle on the walls and we needed to use nails to secure the boards.

Painting the walls
Painted wall
Then we used a Zinsser primer to prep for the greige paint in satin finish which is what we used for the trim throughout the house. (We used an eggshell finish on the walls.)

Painting the mudroom

3. Spray painting

Using a sprayer to paint the walls
Painted wall and door
This was the first time we used a sprayer, too. It’s pretty hard! There is an art to it. We practiced and practiced and then we covered up the flaws pretty well, too.

Hanging the shelf

4. Hanging shelves and hooks

Once the beadboard and painting were done, we were ready for the fun part–hanging things on the walls. My mother-in-law has so many amazing pieces she has collected over the years that we can properly display so she can see them every day and appreciate each story attached to each object.

Whenever you carefully select objects to put on display, you can take the time to appreciate those.

One thing I’ve learned is you can’t cheat the process. You can’t design a room or a home that’s messy, cluttered, or disorganized. You must go through the unfun and unglamorous parts to get to the fun parts.

Then you can fill your home with things you are intentional about and it will make your life so much better because your mind and your house are connected.

Painting the stool
Behr’s Gray Squirrel paint in eggshell finish

Painting the stool

We had some leftover sample paints so we painted this stool in Behr’s Gray Squirrel paint in eggshell finish from Home Depot. It’s the same color as the shelves are painted.

Faux puck lights
Installing the faux puck lights
New light fixtures

5. Final touches

We wanted lights in this area but we aren’t having the electrician come out yet so we put up some faux puck lights. We want the electrician to come out to do the whole house, not just a room at a time.

Mudroom makeover front door
Hooks and shelf with decor
Seating area
Door to the bathroom
Mudroom makeover

Here’s the final look of the mudroom! But, we do have a few more things to do (besides the electrician)--paint the ceiling, my mother-in-law wants a new door to let in more light, swap out the overhead light, and a few other things that will evolve.

Mudroom makeover

This mudroom makeover looks great and my mother-in-law loves it. Let us know in the comments what you think about this mudroom makeover! This is just the start of this home’s massive makeover so stay tuned!

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