How to Feng Shui Your Front Door for Wealth and Prosperity

Having lived in Asia for most of my adult life, I am fascinated by the concept of feng shui. I remember having a feng shui master assess my workplace when business was not going well and it was so interesting how specific the advice was.

This feng shui video by interior designer Julie Khuu focuses on attracting wealth and prosperity into your home by optimizing the feng shui of your front door, and the tips make a lot of sense:

The Importance of the Front Door

The front door is called the "mouth of chi" because it's the entry point for chi, the universal energy of life. A beautiful and well-maintained front door attracts positive chi into your home.

Key Tips for a Feng Shui Front Door

  • Curb Appeal Matters: Make a good first impression. A beautiful entryway with healthy plants creates a welcoming vibe and attracts good chi.
  • Keep it Clean and Well-Maintained: Ensure your door is free of chipped paint, dirt, and debris. Sweep the porch regularly and replace any dead or wilting plants.
  • Bright Lighting: Install bright bulbs and clean the light fixtures around your door for good chi flow.
  • Door Mat Matters: Replace a worn-out doormat and avoid placing a trash can near the entrance.

Choosing the Right Front Door

  • Solid Wood is Best: Solid wood doors are preferable to glass doors as they offer more protection and stability.
  • Size Matters: The door shouldn't be too small or too large. The tallest person in your home shouldn't have to duck to enter.
  • Double Doors: If you have double doors, designate one as the main entry.
  • Door Color: Choose a paint color that corresponds to the direction your front door faces.

Addressing Common Issues

  • Outward Swinging Door: If your door opens outward, consider changing the hinge position. If space is limited, hang a bright light and keep it on for a few hours each evening.
  • Dim Foyer: Use a mirror to reflect light and create a more spacious feel. Avoid placing the mirror directly in front of the door.

By following these tips and paying attention to the details of your front door design, you can improve the flow of positive chi and invite wealth and prosperity into your home!

What do you think of these tips? Will you try any of them out?

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