Christmas Decorating Tips to Elevate Your Home + House Tour

I will show you some Christmas decorating tips and tricks to elevate your home this holiday season. I'll start with the focal point of every Christmas, which is a Christmas tree. I'll be using a client's Christmas tree as an example of the decor we did.

Decorated Christmas tree

Mixing ornament styles

This client has a 7½- to 8-foot tree. We have some bigger pieces that kind of have some texture. We brought in some gold and some mattes, which makes it feel more unique, so it's not so uniform. We also have pieces that are metal, glass, and other pieces that are paper material.

Any time you can incorporate different materials, sizes, colors, and shapes, it will add to the space's interest and character.

How many ornaments?

One tip I have for you is that depending on the size of your tree, people often ask how many ornaments you need. When you're doing a variety of ornaments, a good rule of thumb is to do the same number as the height of your tree.

So, if it's an 8-foot-tall tree, you'll want at least eight ornaments for every ornament style you use. You can always account for a couple more if you accidentally break anything.

Paper stars behind a Christmas tree

Living area Christmas decor

Just behind us, here we have these fun paper stars.

These are from IKEA, so the smaller one, I believe, was like $4.99, and the larger ones were $7.99. We installed these with clear wire and then a Command strip at the top. So, it doesn't call your attention to it very much, and it is just the perfect filler for this cute little corner.

Christmas decor on a mantle

Right over here, we had that beautiful console table, and I wanted to do something that pulled all the magical moments from the Christmas tree into the TV area.

We did this beautiful Studio McGee garland, and I wanted to bring in some light and different heights, so we brought in these cute fairy lights.

We got a candle set from Hobby Lobby, and we got these cute presents. We have a local artist that we work with. Another thing that was exciting is these super cute star ornaments, and they're installed here with clear wire. So, they're hidden; the wire is hidden. We did different sizes, and we put them at different heights.

Because this is all one room, I wanted to do just a few little things to the living area.

Christmas coffee table decor

We got these pretty stems with cranberries, a couple of Christmas pillows to add to the festive look, and our large gold pine cones.

Tapered candles and candleholders

Christmas tablescape

We are in the dining room, and I want to point out these tapered candles. This is fun because we did more of an eclectic feel, so you have these different heights, variations, and color finishes not only in the candlesticks but in the actual tapered candles themselves. One thing that I would encourage you guys to do when creating your tablescapes is to bring in variety and heights.

Another thing we did is some more of those cute fairy lights that look cute up against more of that beautiful Studio McGee or McGee and Co. garland. Then we added some fun golden figs, and our client had these cranberries, so we sprinkled these throughout to add more color and interest to the space.

Then we added more color with these beautiful linen napkins and cutie bell napkin holders from McGee and Co. The plates are from Pottery Barn, which neutralized that part of the table, so it didn't take away from everything else we have.

The final thing we added were these cute little wreaths. We have them secured with the Command hooks again.

Christmas tablescape

Kitchen Christmas decor

We did just a couple of accessories in the kitchen because this is all one open space. We didn't want it to feel like we forgot one area, and everything else was all decked out in holiday cheer.

Bread bowl with pine cones and jingle bells

We filled this cute bread bowl with these beautiful, flocked pine cones from Hobby Lobby, jingle bells from Walmart, and more of our client's cranberries.

Light-up house Christmas decor

We have just a couple of little things sprinkled throughout because we didn't want to overdo it, so we brought in this cute light-up house from Hobby Lobby and filled it with some little bottle brush trees.

Our client had cinnamon sticks and holiday prints that she made, so we wanted to use those and a small Christmas tree. We added a darling green wreath with some beautiful velvet ribbon to decorate the microwave.

We got our IKEA boxes with chiffon ribbon to add another fun little touch. We have one other item that I forgot to touch: this little towel. I loved that it had that frayed edge and this embroidery stitch, which adds to elevating your home for the holidays.

Christmas entryway

Christmas entryway

Here we are in the entryway. What better way to make an impact than with some beautiful garland? We did a couple of strands of garland here at the base to add a little more volume. Then we got these frosted cranberries.

Don't be afraid to find other garlands and clip off some of the stems when working with garlands. That's precisely what we did here. We were able to push them in there, and it added more variety. We also added our bells.

We added more interest with different ribbon strands here; it looks so pretty. We used swags going up the railing, from the bottom to the very end of the railing, to make an impact. When decorating your railing, get some pipe cleaners to secure the garland to the railing. They don't scratch up the railing.

Wreath on the door

The entryway's final items are wreaths with different ribbons and adorable cone-shaped golden bells.

We made some prints on Canva and got them framed in IKEA frames. The big wreaths were hung with a big Command strip that holds up to 15 pounds.

Christmas decorating tips

What Christmas decorating tips do you have? Do you do anything that makes decorating easier? Share your tips and decorating ideas in the comments below.

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