7 Timeless Interior Design Ideas That Always Beat the Trends

Wish you had a home that was best known for its classic and timeless interior design so you didn’t have to worry about staying on trend?

Today I'll be discussing seven design elements that will help you create that timeless interior design look in your home. This is going to be a lot of fun, so let's get started.

Neutral colors in interior design

1. Neutral colors

Many interior design professionals stick with neutral colors to create a timeless look rather than falling for the latest it colors or trends out there.

Beige, gray, white, black, and brown in interior design

You can create that timeless neutral backdrop by using colors like beige, gray, white, black, and brown.

Light walls and dark furnitures

Apply the lighter neutral colors to the walls and both the light and darker colors to your furnishings.

Brining in color with accessories

Bring in a layer of color via your pillows, your curtains, your artwork, your rugs, and any other accessories you own.

Timeless interior design in a living room

These items are easier to swap out if you want to update your look.

Mix of neutrals and color

Getting too bold with your color choice or feeling the need to go with tones that are on trend is not a sustainable option. Timeless neutrals are always the answer.

Bookcase with a ladder

2. Bookcases and open shelving

With timeless design, you won't need to keep changing your decor every few years.

Bookcases with books turned backwards

The use of bookcases and open shelving falls under the timeless design umbrella.

Large bookcases for books and decor

They allow you to showcase your artwork, your family heirlooms, your favorite photos, and your books.

Bookcases and open shelving

Furthermore, bookcases and open shelving allow you to have a degree of style flexibility.

Decor can be changed out from bookshelves

The shelves are in a fixed position, so all you have to do is change out the objects.

Bookscases with decor

Without a whole lot of heavy lifting, you can change the position of the pieces or swap them out for an on-trend look.

Timeless design in a sitting room

It doesn't matter what kind of decor you have on your plate, you can easily incorporate this timeless interior design element into any mix.

Vintage furniture

3. Classic or vintage furniture

When it comes to creating interior design that is timeless, experts agree that selecting classic or vintage furniture items is key because they bring warmth to the space and add a layer of texture and history to your timeless decor plans.

Using classic or vintage furniture in design

Use classic or vintage items instead of furnishing your entire home with big box store furniture.

IKEA store with nightstands

After a few years with that big box store furniture, you'll be right back in the store replacing those broken and off-trend pieces.

Mid-Century design

Classic items should include popular mid-century furniture and beautiful antique pieces.

Matching vintage and classic items with your own decor

With that being said, if a vintage or classic piece is in good shape but doesn't match your decor, then don't pick it up.

Vintage pieces of furniture

Instead, wait until you can find a vintage piece that is in pretty good condition and complements your interior decor. That's the timeless way to go.

Natural fiber rug

4. Natural fiber rugs

Natural fiber rugs, made from jute and sisal, are known for their durability, their versatility, and their timelessness.

Rug with a circular design

Their durability allows them to be placed in most areas of your home and retain their look and feel.

Layering rugs

Their natural beauty and versatility allow them to stand on their own or be paired with other rugs to create that layer effect we love so much.

Natural fiber rug in a living room

They don't overpower your decor. If anything, they complement it by adding a bit of texture. You can use natural fiber rugs throughout your home, which makes them extremely flexible and timeless.

New York City subway tile

5. Subway tiles

Subway tiles take their inspiration from the New York City subway system that began operations back in 1904. Back then, they used mostly white subway tiles because they were great at reflecting the light and brightening up the subterranean subway stations.

Subway tiles in a bathroom

Subway tiles have been in style for over a century now and remain a preferred choice among interior design experts.

Subway tiles in a kitchen

You can find them in glass, porcelain, ceramic, and other materials.

Creating patterns with tiles

They can be used by themselves or paired with other tiles to create beautiful patterns.

Tiles in a brick pattern

They're commonly laid in brick pattern, but stacked in herringbone are popular too.

Herringbone tiles in a brick color

The white subway tile is the most timeless color, but you can opt for any color that you want. It's still going to be timeless.

Installing crown molding

6. Crown molding

Crown molding can level up almost any space.

Ultra-modern interior design

However, if your decor is ultra-modern, then maybe crown molding is not for that space. But for most other spaces, it will work.

White crown molding

Crown molding painted out in white creates an elegant high-end feel.

Natural wood crown molding

Crown molding left in a natural wood state can offer an upscale but comfortable feel.

Crown molding painted the same color as the walls

If the crown molding and wall color are painted out in the same color, the look is a little bit more contemporary.

Crown molding paired with wall trim

Crown molding paired with wall trim creates luxe detailing that really makes the space feel high-end.

Timeless crown molding

The beauty of crown molding is that it's not that expensive but it really creates that timeless wow factor in any home.

Houseplants in interior design

7. Houseplants

Listen, houseplants are always going to be a timeless element in your home.

Plants adding warmth to interior design

Plants add warmth and elevate the look and feel of any space.

Cactus in a corner

Whether you use a few plants strategically placed or a large number of plants creating an almost jungle-like environment, adding plants is always a good idea. If your home doesn't get a lot of light, don't worry.

Timeless interior design

There are plenty of low-light plants available to you too. Don't sleep on the timeless nature of plants. They can always make a barren room feel full of light.

Timeless interior design

Those are the seven elements of timeless interior design. By incorporating as many of them as possible into your home, you will ensure that your spaces always stay on trend without having to make constant updates.

Which element was your favorite? Least favorite? Share your thoughts on timeless interior design below.

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