What is Organic Modern Style in Interior Design?

The votes are in, so today, we're going to talk about how to get the look of the interior design style you selected as your favorite: organic modern.

Organic modern is a great mixture of organic shapes and natural textures. Plus, it brings in some luxe elements for a style that's sophisticated and relaxed.

With warm minimalism coming in second, it's clear that both of these warm and natural, but less specific, design styles make a great base for you to express your personal style.

So, let's review the basics of the organic modern style and look at resources to help you bring the look home.

Minimal interior design

1. Minimal

Less is more is at the core of the organic modern interior design style. This includes uncluttered spaces, clean silhouettes, and understated decor.

Lightly layered space

Create a lightly layered space that allows each of the elements to enhance each other for a soothing yet visually interesting space.


Neutral, earthy palettes

2. Neutral, earthy color

A simplified and neutral palette of warm whites, beiges, and tans is enhanced by earthy tones and dark accents.


Soft white walls and wood tones
Organic modern design

Soft white walls provide the perfect backdrop for warm wood tones, cozy upholstered and woven pieces in neutral hues, and a few darker items around the space for contrast and interest.

Natural and textural organic modern design

3. Natural and textural

Build your layers with textural elements of natural materials.


Luxurious and casual organic modern style

Organic modern style juxtaposes luxurious and casual, or even raw materials and textures, for a layered mix that's sophisticated and laid back.

Organic silhouettes

4. Organic silhouettes

Combine softly-rounded straight lines with asymmetrical and rounded shapes for a balanced look.


Soft curves in organic modern design

There are so many great options for soft curves in furniture, lighting, and decor.


Pots and vases filled with greenery

5. Greenery

Fill those beautiful pots and vases with flowers, cut greenery, or plants to complete the organic feel.


Organic modern design

In keeping with the more minimalist aesthetic of the style, select a few statement plants for each room, just enough to create interest and balance and add a touch of nature.

Organic modern design

Organic modern design is so hot right now. It really is a beautiful aesthetic that you can bring into your home with these helpful tips. What do you love most about organic modern design? Let me know in the comments below.

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  • Dupin Dupin on Feb 09, 2024
    I'm afraid I have to disagree with the fundamental premise that white is an organic color. Even the warm whites tend toward the sterile look of a doctor's examination room, the antithesis of organic. Using a more natural color for the walls and other large spaces would be better, even if you have to use that ubiquitous beige (though please don't). That gives a much better backdrop for your palette to work with when you're going for an organic look. In short, you broke my suspension of disbelief with the color white as organic in this article.
  • Fee Miriam Rosenfeltz Fee Miriam Rosenfeltz on Feb 10, 2024
    I have a lovely soft white on all my walls that puts me in mind of milk, snowdrops, white primroses, clouds, fresh snow....I certainly do find it organic when layered with hessian and wood tones and accents of green. Loved the article, thankyou.