How to Put Together a Neutral Dining Table For Impromptu Hosting


I'll be sharing some tips on how you can put together an impromptu dinner with a neutral dining table.

If you have ever had a friend who was in town and wanted to stop by and you were unsure what to do, these are the tips that I personally use when I'm putting together a dinner that is last minute.

From neutral table setting ideas to neutral table decor, these are my top impromptu hosting tips for your enjoyment.

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White dinner plates

1. Dinner plates

I would suggest that everybody have a set of neutral dinner plates in their home collection. Even if you're having something last minute, you want to make sure that all of your dinner plates match to create a sense of balance.

Neutral white plates

What I like about neutral plates, whether they are white, black, or gray, is that they are easy to pair well with any theme that you may have going on already. Having neutral plates is easier to deal with than pulling together other colors, like reds and greens.

Small plates

2. Small plates

The next item that you want to have when you're hosting something last-minute would be small plates. Now, these can be used if you are setting out a salad or an appetizer, like a charcuterie board.

They don't have to come in a set with your dinner plates, but again, I suggest that your small plates match too. Not only each other but they should at least complement your dinner plates as well.

White linen napkins with fringe

3. Napkins

Now we're on to our napkins. Since this is an informal dinner, you will be setting up a casual dining experience for your guests, so therefore I like to have grab-and-go options.

White linen napkins

I love these white linen napkins because they have a little bit of fringe on them, and I roll them up and plop them down right on this plate so my guests can literally just grab them and go.

Stemless glassware

4. Glassware

Now we're on now we're moving on to glassware. I suggest having clear tumblers in your collection, especially when you're having a last-minute dinner, lunch, or brunch.

I like clear glasses because I believe that they pair well with anything that you may have in your cupboard. I also think stemless is the better way to go, especially when you're having something last-minute.

You can always get creative and add some stirrers to your glasses for guests.

Glassware with stirrers

I have a drawer at home that has a bunch of different items, ribbons, beads, stirrers, you name it, and I have them just in case something like this pops up. I add them right to my glass, and it adds an extra flair to your table.

Stainless steel flatware

5. Flatware

Moving right along, you have your flatware. Now if you want to keep things simple, you can stick with stainless steel flatware.

Matte gold flatware

But if you're a formal girl like me, you can add matte gold flatware to enhance your dining experience as well. I love these. These are not for everyday use. You bring these out for special occasions.

I like to add my flatware to a little basket instead of having them spread out on a plate.

Matching platters and plates

6. Platters

One of the main important items that you want to have in your collection when hosting a last-minute dinner would be platters.

Now, I've had these platters for years. They're very sturdy, and they come in different shapes and sizes. I like to have different shapes and sizes because I like to use different sizes for different things.

Sometimes I might want to use a smaller platter for little appetizers while I might want to use my larger platter for meat. I have a white bowl that I like to use for rice or sauces.

White platters

When all your platters match, it gives your table a clean but simple and beautiful look. So I would suggest everyone add white platters to your collection for any event that you may be having.

Clear pitcher

7. Pitchers

Again, sticking to neutral, I have a clear pitcher here that can be used for water or juice.

Using cake stands on a dining table

8. Cake stands

I literally just pulled out all of my cake stands that can be used to set up desserts, appetizers, or anything else that you might want to add to them that is a grab-and-go item.

Neutral table setting ideas

The key things to stick to are neutral colors so that everything looks clean and you can set up a last-minute brunch, dinner, or lunch that looks anything but basic.

So if you are having a last-minute impromptu lunch, brunch, or dinner just think neutral, neutral, neutral to give your table a clean simple look then add pops of glam by adding some gold flatware and stirrers.

Make sure that you also know how to create a grab-and-go dining experience for your guests because it is last-minute after all, and it should be a casual dining experience.

Impromptu hosting tips

A neutral dining table is a staple when it comes to last-minute hosting. You don’t need a lot of time to create a big impression and make your guests feel welcome.

With the right table settings and decor, you can make any dinner special, and these impromptu hosting tips you get you there.

Have you ever hosted an impromptu dinner? Let me know how you handled it down below.

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