How to Style a Summer Coffee Beverage Bar in Your Kitchen

I’m setting up my summer coffee and beverage bar. I only made a few changes to the coffee bar I decorated for the spring. Let me show you what I did.

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I added little yellow flowers here to signify summer.

I put out new little containers and spoons for sugar and sugar packets.

Here’s where I keep the coffee cups. It’s very functional to set up cups and plates this way with items in the cabinets.

Let me tell you about this gorgeous tray. My husband made this extra-long 3-foot-long tray! The handles are from Hobby Lobby and I sprayed them gold.

I kept my bunny out even for summer because I love him so much. He was white but I painted him black and put on crystal eyes.

I added a colorful pop of color using this wreath and tasseled napkin. You can see I love yellow for spring and summer.

Here’s our little snack station. We can also use it as a breakfast station. I have little topiaries beside the tray and on the side of the sink and added little yellow picks for a peek of color. I also have under-cabinet lighting that I got from Aldi of all places. I love them because they come with a remote.

Summer Coffee Beverage Bar

I hope you got some ideas from this quick tour of my summer coffee and beverage bar. It’s super simple to set up and doesn’t need much changing through the seasons. Let me know what you think in the comments.

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