My Top Decor Picks at the At Home Store This Summer

Do you ever walk into a store and you're not even sure where to begin? For me, it's this one. Welcome to At Home Superstore. They have everything from seasonal to artwork, rugs, and so much more. Today I thought it would be fun to have a look around starting with these beautiful accent pieces.

At Home shop with me

I'm going to pan down the aisle and then I'll show you a few of my favorites.

As you can see, they have all of their selections by color or metal, anywhere from gold to a lighter white.

And then you have your classic blue and white pieces along with these varying shades of green.

I love these gold candle holders, both the traditional and the contemporary, along with this figurine, which would be perfect for a coastal look.

Can you believe this whole thing is a candle? It's not a candle holder and candle. The whole thing is a candle.

I love the floral embellishments on these vases.

I really like the size and shape of this one. Or if you prefer, they have it in a round shape as well.

Of course, I love the blue and white orbs, especially when you place them in a bowl.

I would gladly take any one of these home with me.

Turning the corner, there is a lot more to see.

While I know fall isn't quite on our minds yet, wouldn't these really be pretty for the season?

I'm loving all of these coastal accents, and with that look getting ready to take over a few of the rooms in our home, I was tempted to buy one of everything.

Wouldn't this be pretty spilling out of a bowl or laid across a set of books?

I could see this key piece on top of books as well.

No matter what your style is you can never go wrong adding a piece of coral.

Next aisle over, we have tons of candlesticks and candle holders.

I really like the shape, the height, and the look of this one.

And while it isn’t a candlestick or holder, this piece really caught my eye. I could see it on a console table or even on top of your mantle.

Turning the corner, we have lots of bowls, trays, and platters.

I could see a bunch of seasonal orbs in this one.

And I love this one with the leather handles.

This one is a little pricier, but I really love the length and how narrow it is.

And you can never go wrong with a woven tray, especially with handles.

Have you been looking for the perfect lamp? If so, I'm pretty sure you can find exactly what you need down this aisle.

This one almost came home with me.

This one is so unique. I loved the handles, but unfortunately, it did not have a price on it.

Like many other stores, they had a wide variety of shades to choose from.

And if you prefer to buy a lamp that already has the shade, they have quite a few to choose from as well.

Here's another lamp that almost came home with me.

Now let's check out all of their faux greenery and florals.

Let me just say I was pretty impressed with their selection. Just look at all that vibrant color.

I love this faux potted plant, especially the container.

These would be beautiful on your mantle or even in a larger container flanking your front door.

And I know it's not even June, but seeing these gets me excited for fall.

Moving right along, let's take a look at their vast rug selection. I'll slowly walk down this aisle so you can take it all in.

Look how beautiful these rugs are. I love the colors and the patterns.

I really like the more muted tones of these as well.

This gorgeous rug just might have come home with me.

They had a really nice selection of neutral rugs as well.

I love the design of this one.

And you can never go wrong with a woven rug.

This one is my favorite.

They had several smaller accent rugs to choose from as well that would be perfect in a bathroom, maybe in front of your kitchen sink, or even at your front door.

And how fun is this zebra rug?

Turning around from the rugs, we're greeted with this huge art selection. It's literally row after row after row after row. As you're about to see, they have artwork to suit any style, color palette, or price point.

This one would even be perfect for fall.

And if you prefer a more neutral palette, I love either one of these two.

If you love large artwork but you don't have the wall space for it, you can always buy one of their easels.

This fun piece would be really pretty over a mantle as would a classic clock or even one of their beautiful mirrors.

Their wood wall art would be really pretty hung vertically or horizontally.

I think this one is my favorite.

However, I also love this one, especially its larger size.

Now you know how much I love pillows so, of course, I had to show you what they have in stock, which as you can see, is quite a lot.

I really like the size and the really pretty details on this pillow.

This one would be perfect for summer.

And you could use this pillow for patriotic decorating or bring it back for Christmas.

I really like the larger size of this one. While it would be really pretty on a sofa, a few of them would be beautiful on a bed.

At Home superstore

That ends our little trip to At Home. I hope you enjoyed the video and found an item or two

that you just can't live without.

Let me know which pieces you simply must have in the comments section.

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