Everything New in Kohl's Home Decor This Summer 2024

If you haven't been to Kohl's recently to see their new summer home decor, then you definitely need to come shopping with me. We're going to browse the aisles, and I'm going to show you all of the beautiful Kohl’s home decor coming out this season as well as some of their pieces that stay out all year.

These white faux basket weave planters come in three different sizes. They are frost free, but I think these would look beautiful styled inside with an olive tree or another faux tree of some sort in them.

These wire baskets with the coconut liner are square and unusual. You usually see round baskets, so I thought these were quite interesting.

This terracotta handmade-looking pot is very nice too. This would also be really cute to style with blankets in your living area as extra storage.

Another unusual but highly decorative piece I wanted to show you is this terracotta vase. It has the most beautiful moss-green color to it, and I love the shape with that little banded detail on it.

The high-shine glossy ceramic pieces are trending right now. They are also very heavy as a lot of these pieces are made for your garden, so you don't want them to be too light and blow away.

If you like the traditional terracotta look, they have that here with these embossed flowers. They are so pretty with these sunflowers and roses. I think you could style these in so many different ways in your garden and inside your home.

For a unique look, check out all of these beautiful glass vases. They come in many different styles and colors to choose from.

These trinket boxes and bud vases are neutral in color, but they have the texture of an embossed flower. They are so gorgeous. They would make a great gift too for Mother's Day, a birthday, an anniversary, a wedding gift, or even a graduation.

I also love the color of these decorative bowls. There are several color choices in neutrals and shades of blue. They would be so pretty to style on a bookshelf or a coffee table.

This Sonoma large vase has a high-end feel to it. I have seen similar things on Pottery Barn's website for so much more.

The same goes for this very large decorative vase. It is the perfect scale for a larger room in your home.

I am a sucker for candles and right now, the ruffled or pleated edge is everywhere. This little candle combines both of those. Plus, you could refill the wax and make a new candle when you were done burning this one, or the dish alone would make for really beautiful home decor.

If you're looking for tapers, they have them here at Kohl's decor section in basic colors: black, white, and cream.

They also have these spiral twisted taper candles in summer colors, like this really soft aqua that gives off that coastal beach vibe that is so popular right now.

And to hold your tapers, they have some really pretty glass candle holders in clear and blue.

These ceramic spheres are also fun to decorate with. You can put them in a bowl as a bowl filler.

This cute little riser is made of wood with gold feet. It has that scalloped ruffled edge around it as well.

I am excited to see these brass pieces at Kohl's too. They are well-made and stylish and they would be a great addition to your home.

We are now headed over to lamps, one of my favorite sections at Kohl’s. I am really impressed with the selection of bases and lampshades they have right now.

I love the high gloss finish, the texture, and the color of these lamps.

These floral prints are beautiful.

But if you like something more simplistic, they have this matted sketch in a gold frame.

I may have to get these botanical prints too because I have the perfect spot for them, and they would complement my new office throw and accent pillows well.

I'm highlighting a few of my favorite pillows next.

This floral pillow could coordinate with either of those solid pillows, and the insert is very soft.

If you want a little bit more of a classical look, I love these black, blue, and golden braided pillows. They feel like either a down pillow insert or a down alternative insert.

These blue and white ticking pillows, sometimes called Oxford stripe fabric, have really pretty red embroidery scalloped edging. They would be perfect for Memorial Day, Fourth of July, or Labor Day with all the patriotic feels they create.

I took a quick browse through the bedding and found several of these quilt sets that I think give a wonderful summer vibe. There are also pieces you could layer with existing bedding that you have at home. I am all about the blue and white bedding. I love that look and have four years of collected items in that color palette. I'm glad to see it coming back in Vogue now.

They still have plenty of neutrals as well but with a lighter look for summertime.

I like this all-white, matte quilt and pillow shams.

Kohl's also had these reversible quilt sets, and they come with one or two pillow shams depending on the size.

If you're looking for college bedding, these are great because they are twin extra longs, and those can be hard to find.

In the summer, I love a good chunky throw since I get chilled with the air conditioner on. This navy blue one is gorgeous and would be a great accent piece in your home.

Home decor at Kohl’s

Thank you for tagging along as I shop for Kohl’s home decor today. The summer looks they have are fabulous and many of their pieces can be styled all year long.

What do you look for in summer home decor? Let me know in the comments section.

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