Clean & Decorate With Me: Cozy Neutral Decor For Spring

Monica Rose
by Monica Rose

Today I am going to do a clean and decorate with me at home. Follow along as I complete a quick family room and kitchen refresh. I will be using a ton of neutral colors, making these two spaces very cozy.

I hope that it gives you some cleaning motivation as well as a few decorating ideas along the way. So let's just get right into it.

Mantel with a clock and candlesticks

1. Mantel

Okay, so the first area of my home that I am going to decorate is this mantel area. I've been wanting to give this a little bit of a refresh for a very long time now.

Clean mantel

So what I'm going to do is take the clock down, clean it up a little bit, and then I'm going to add my decor. I keep seeing layered vintage-looking mirrors, so that is the look that I'm going to try and achieve here.

Stacking frames on the mantel

I was going to use this extra large frame in between the layers of the mirrors, but once I had it up there it just didn't look very good. It was just too much, so I decided not to go with that.

Arranging picture frames on the mantel

I love the way this mantel turned out. I think it looks so pretty and cozy. I also love that those mirrors add a little bit of reflection because this area of the room only has one window and there isn't a lot of light.

Adding greenery around the mantel

So right now Target is pulling out all of its spring decor, and I just happened to find this vine. I think it looks very lifelike, so I thought I would add it up here with the mirrors and maybe during the springtime and the summer I can add some floral pieces to this as well.

I'm not quite sure if I want to do that or not, but that is one idea. I love the way this looks. It softens up this wall right here with all of the white, and I think it looks so pretty.

Greenery displayed around the mirrors

So I love the way this looked, but I really wanted to add a tiny bit of warmth over here. It is very white and it just has that tiny little pop of green, so I thought adding wooden candlesticks would definitely do the trick and it did.

Spring mantel

I think everything looks so pretty now, and I'm not going to add any more to this. I found these candlesticks at HomeGoods last year. For the mirrors, I just shopped my house.

Couch ready for spring cleaning

2. Couch

Since I'm giving my whole family room a refresh, I thought it was time to take my slipcover off and give it a good washing, so that's exactly what I did.

Adding a slipcover to the sofa

I made this slipcover from drop cloth a while back and now that it is cleaned, I'm placing it back on my sofa.

Decorating the sofa

Now I'm going to finish off this sofa and make it look super cozy with lots of pillows and a cozy throw. I found the larger pillow covers on Amazon.

Adding a faux fur throw to the couch

Then I found this faux fur throw at HomeGoods.

Arranging pillows on the sofa

That middle pillow was also found at HomeGoods.

Beige floral pillows

And the two beige floral pillows I found on Amazon.

Boho-style cushion cover

It's very cozy looking. It even has a little bit of a boho feel to it. I absolutely love all the textures that I added to this sofa.

Ottoman in a living room

3. Ottoman

Okay, so now I'm just going to add a little bit of decor to this ottoman that I have sitting in front of the sofa.

Basket-style tray

I found the basket at HomeGoods.

Adding a mittor inside the tray

That vintage-looking mirror was found at an antique store.

Placing the candles

And I think I purchased the unscented candles at Target.

Candles in a tray on an ottoman

Here is how it all turned out.

Hutch area for decorating

4. Hutch

Okay, so now I'm going to head on into the kitchen area, and I'm going to add a tiny bit of decor over here in this hutch area. It just kind of sits off of the kitchen.

Stacking baskets

I love transforming this little area to fit each season, and I wanted to stick with the neutrals and the whites over here, so I added some baskets up on the top.

Cake plate on top of a candle holder

Next, I added a cake plate on top of a candle holder to give it some height. Inside the cake plate, I'm adding some really pretty white flowers.

White flowers displayed on a shelf

Then, I thought I would add more of those white flowers down in the open space.

Box of flowers

I only added a touch of decor over here, but I feel like it really warmed things up and it kept it very neutral. I love the way this turned out.

Shelving area

5. Shelves

Now I am heading into the kitchen area to decorate these shelves.

Decorating the bottom shelf

I'm going to decorate this bottom shelf with some white vases.

Stacking suacers and crockery

I'm going to also add some stacked little saucers and a milk glass piece. I think it's like an ashtray or a candy dish, and I think it just looks really pretty and simple.

Changing out the valance

6. Valance

This is the valance that I had up for Christmas. It is like a red and white ticking and I wanted to add something really soft and very neutral, so I decided to add a valance that I made a few years ago.

Window valance and chandelier

It didn't seem to quite fit so I added some double-sided sticky tape and just kind of stuck that to the sides to pull it out a little bit so it fit the window better.

Planter box

7. Planter box

Then here in this little planter box by the window, I took out all of my Christmas sprigs. There were some red berries in there, but I left the white flowers in.

Clean and decorate with me

I love doing a clean and decorate with me each season, so I hope that you all enjoyed my clean and decorate with me for spring 2024. My goal was to give you some kitchen and family room decor ideas as well as some cleaning motivation.

What do you enjoy most about cleaning and decorating your home? Share your favorite cleaning and decorating solutions down below.

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  • Dene Dene on Mar 23, 2024
    I love this style of decor, but my husband is not a fan. I wish I could decorate like that!