Aesop's Queer Library Returns to Celebrate Pride

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by Redesign Recommends

In honor of Pride 2024, Aesop is delighted to announce the return of its Queer Library, set to reside within Aesop Gansevoort store and extend to selected stores and digital channels across the Americas.

This year's theme, "Support Your Local Library," highlights the vital role libraries play as safe spaces nurturing queer stories.

The Queer Library stands as a testament to literature's transformative power, offering a beacon of hope, courage, and conviction.

Visitors to the Aesop store are invited to explore and take home a complimentary book, fostering a lasting connection with the narratives long after Pride celebrations conclude.

Join us in celebrating the richness of queer literature and supporting the invaluable sanctuaries that libraries provide.

For more details, visit Aesop's Pride 2024 page.

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