How to Style Beautiful Outdoor Planters Using Artificial Flowers

Today's video is all about how to fill an outdoor planter with faux flowers. Now, I am all about real flowers during the summer, but I have a few spots, especially by my front door, where it gets such hot sun or I forget to water my flowers. So I like to create some faux flowers in an arrangement in the planter.

Let me tell you my first tip. Find yourself a plastic pot that will fit inside your urn. The reason I want you to do that is because I like to create a planter in the springtime, I'm going to do this one today, which is going to have a July 4th theme, and then I like to do a planter for the fall and, of course, Christmas.

If I create each floral arrangement in a plastic pot then I'm just dropping it in the urn and when I take it out, I can simply cover it with plastic and store it in my garage. It makes life a whole lot easier.

So the first thing I need to do is use some green foam. Remember there are two different kinds. There's one green foam that is for real flowers and one for faux.

Make sure you get the one for faux flowers. I'm just going to set this inside of this plastic pot.

Let me talk about the flowers I'm going to use in this arrangement. Now when you're making an arrangement, you want to stick with three elements. The first one is called the thriller. That's going to be the height of your floral arrangement and the one that stands out in the middle.

Then you're going to have your filler. Those are the flowers you're going to fill around.

Lastly, you're going to have what's called your spiller. That's going to be some of the flowers that kind of come off of the urn.

This top green branch is going to be my thriller, or my tall piece in the center.

For July 4th, I got some blue flowers and some red hydrangeas that are going to be my filler.

Then, I have some beautiful white flowers that I'm going to kind of arch out for my spiller.

Now, this is something you don't have to do but, I really think it adds texture to the arrangement and that is to either use a grapevine wreath or a moss wreath and set that on top of the urn. What I'm going to do is take some pipe cleaner and attach it to my urn so the wind doesn't blow it off.

We're going to start with the thriller because the thriller determines the height of your entire arrangement. Just keep in mind how big your pot is, and don't get too tall or too squatty.

I'm going to put the thriller straight down in the middle.

Next, I'm going to start with the filler. I'm going to use two different flowers as the filler, but I'm going to keep one at a higher point and one a little bit lower.

I'm going to start with these beautiful blue flowers then the red, and I'm going to fill in around my middle.

Now it's time to put in the spiller. These beautiful white flowers are going to make this whole arrangement pop.

If you do a lot of florals or plan to do a lot of florals, I have had regular wire cutters, but my hands weren’t strong enough to cut a lot of them. These are my favorite clippers to solve that problem.They're a little more expensive than you're going to pay for wire cutters, but they cut through florals like butter. They're worth it.

One tip about getting your flowers to kind of arch out of an arrangement, don't go and just bend the flower like that. No flower grows that way.

So what you want to do is, when you're arching it, you're kind of bending it just a little bit like that. It looks a whole lot more natural.

Now I've added the white around as a spiller, but I'm going to use another white flower and put it at the top. That just gives a lot more fullness to the top, but it also adds and brings that white from the bottom all the way up to the top.

So the next thing I want to do is to make a beautiful bow to put in with this arrangement. I found some ribbon with a July 4th theme and I am making a DIY bow. Now it's time to make that bow beautiful.

After you make your bow, take the rest of that pipe cleaner and wire it to either your planter or if you're using a grapevine wreath, wire it to that.

Didn't this turn out absolutely beautiful? I love it, especially the bow.

Outdoor planters with faux flowers

I love making florals, especially outdoor planters filled with faux flowers. Real flowers are beautiful, but some outdoor spaces make it impossible to keep real flowers alive.

Do you plan on making faux arrangements for your outdoor spaces soon? Share your plans with others down below.

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  • Becky Becky on Jun 12, 2024
    Yes I have always wondered how 2 start, so thank u for the info.
  • Trishjones108 Trishjones108 3 days ago
    Beautiful arrangement! I have also inserted a few artificial embellishments into a large live green plant on my porch to add a little color. Very pretty!