How to Pick the Right Light Bulb & Choose the Best Kelvin Temperature

I have this giant box here today because I wanted to tell you guys every bit of information that I know about Kelvin temperature because it's something that I'm ridiculously passionate about. I say ridiculously because most people don't even care one whit about it, but I want to make you care about it. So I'm going to tell you a little bit about it.

For every lamp that you buy, you have to buy a light bulb or if it's LED, it comes with light bulbs already installed, and each one of those light bulbs has a Kelvin temperature.

I'm sure there's some scientific meaning behind what that is but, in general, when you look at it, it is the warmth and the color of the light bulb that you see.

Kelvin temperatures range from about 2000 to 2500 Kelvin all the way up to about 8000 Kelvin. And that light, if you can imagine it on a chart, at the very low end is a very orange light and on the high end, is a very blue light.

My perfect number is 2700 K so if you look at this box, for each light fixture that you purchase, you will see Kelvin temperature, the gradient of light, and you'll see a number. It'll have a K behind it like this one, which is the Kelvin temperature.

You can see the chart here, and this marks what color it is on that chart. So this one is a little over 3000 Kelvin, which is not my ideal. I really like it a little warmer at 2700, which is as low as this particular chart goes, but I will deal with it. It'll be alright but, in general, if you go on Amazon or wherever you go, make sure that you are getting the temperature that works for you and that you like.

In my house, I like to make sure that all of my light bulbs match, so don't go to the hardware store and pick up whatever bulb you see. Make sure that all the bulbs that you're getting are the same so that your house will cast the exact same light from room to room.

In my opinion, it's super important to make sure that you're generally not having daylight in one room while you're having a super soft glow in another room. So keep an eye on that.

Again, my favorite number is 2700. If you're shopping on Amazon, it'll be in the description area. Just make sure to keep your eye out for it. Pay attention to your Kelvin number, choose whichever Kelvin is best for you, and then make sure that you are bringing it from one area of your house all the way through, even to the exterior of your home.

How to Pick the Right Lightbulb

With your new understanding of Kelvin and how the Kelvin scale actually works, you are sure to master the art of being able to tell how to pick the right lightbulb the first time and every time. Having a comfortable glow all throughout your home matters, and it is very obvious when you pick lightbulbs with the wrong Kelvin for you.

What is your favorite Kelvin temperature? Do you sway more to the cooler lights or the warmer lights? Let me know down below.

The light fixture shown in this video can be found at Lowe's.

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  • Leona Gosney Leona Gosney on Jun 09, 2024
    Helpful information. Always have been curious about brightness range when looking fo replace conventional bulbs with longer lasting LEDs.