How to Do a Simple & Cozy Summer Bedroom Refresh

We are going to be giving our bedroom a summer refresh! I've been keeping things very neutral recently. For fall and winter, I usually like to go all out, but for summer, I like to keep things very light, airy, and minimal.

It's also really hot, and there are a lot of activities going on, especially with the kids. Trying to keep up with the kids and the decor just doesn't go well together, so I like to keep things very minimal but also stylish.

For today's video, I'm partnering with Kohl's, so thank you to Kohl's for sponsoring today's video.


Starting off with some new lighting in my bedroom, I went ahead and picked up these beautiful light sconces. I had initially placed some lamps on the nightstands, but I honestly felt like it was a little too busy, I wanted to have clear nightstands specifically because I have toddlers, and it's just so hard to leave things on them when you have kids.

These light sconces, I believe, are just the perfect touch. I actually got some inspiration from an Amber Interiors look (below). You guys have probably seen it; it's a very fall-like moment, and that's what I was going for.

I love the rattan; it just adds a little bit more texture to this room. I went ahead and placed it in this middle shiplap slat.

I just like to wing things, and if it works out, it works out; if it doesn't, it doesn't. I think it's at a really good height, and you won't bump your head with it or anything.


Now moving on to another piece here from Kohl's, it's this beautiful Heritage quilt. I absolutely love this one. It's double-sided, which I rarely see with quilts lately, and I love that one side is a lighter color and then there's a darker one, so it's actually a really good blanket to transition from summer to fall once we're ready for that.

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You can kind of see here, once I throw it on the bed just how beautiful the pattern looks. I think it's supposed to be black for the darker side, but it almost gives more of a brown hue, so it just depends on the lighting.

Linen Bedding

Moving on to styling the rest of the bed, I'm really big on linen for any season. I think it's a really good fabric; it's very lightweight and can be both warm and cooling. But what I like to do actually right now during the summer (now that it's really hot) is to have my quilt under my big duvet.

We usually only sleep with that one; it's lightweight enough where you know, at night we're not sweating, but it does keep you a little bit warm in case it gets a little cool at night.

Then I just went ahead and added these beautiful little linen shams, and that's basically it. I keep my bed pretty simple. In summertime, you really don't want a lot of stuff on there.

Then I added this gauze blanket at the end just to add a little bit more texture.

Floral Arrangement

Now moving on to this gorgeous little faux arrangement. I believe these are poppies (if I'm getting that correctly). It's from the Sonoma brand and I love it! These are faux, not real, and basically all I did was bend the stems here and there just to make it look more realistic.

I absolutely love the clear vase and the little acrylic that's at the bottom that makes it look like water. I love that little simple touch.


And then of course, we can never go wrong with a candle, so I added this ocean wildflower candle and it just smells amazing.

I think it's the perfect scent for summer. I placed that on the opposite nightstand (and made sure to keep it away from the light sconces because I didn't want to burn it).

Summer Bedroom Refresh

Alright, that is it for today's bedroom refresh! I really hope you guys enjoyed it. Definitely let me know what your favorite part was.

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