Arranging Flower Bouquets to Make Your Florals Go Further

If you're anything like me, you love to have beautiful flower arrangements at home. But it can get expensive really quickly to have that type of luxury all the time.

So I'm going to show you guys how to take one really nice big bunch of flowers and divide it up, so you can have that joy all over.

Not just in one place in your house, but in five or six different places, all for one price. Before you know it, arranging flower bouquets will be your new hobby.

Removing the packaging

1. Remove the packaging

All right, so it's super simple. We're going to take this flower arrangement out of its original packaging first.

Trimming the stems first

2. Trim the stems

Next, you always want to trim off the stems whenever you first get a new floral arrangement. Make sure you're trimming the ends at an angle and putting the arrangement in a fresh container of water as soon as possible.

Choosing vessels for flower arrangements

Some of your containers may be a little taller and some may be a little shorter. You can use any size container or material that you have in your house, whether it be glass, metal, or ceramic. It's going to be in there for about a week or so, so it's no big deal.

Creating smaller arrangements from one bouquet
Cutting off a smaller spray

3. Creating smaller arrangements

I don't get too crazy with trying to mix everything up. When I create several smaller arrangements from one large arrangement, I grab some off of the side and use the bundle in my hand.

The nice thing is when you have smaller containers, you may just need one little flower, right? You don't have to have a ton of different things going on with that.

Cutting one spray for the little vase

With smaller containers, I love to use little sprays and cut them all down. This one is super cute.

Cutting off the stem ends

Next, I take another bundle off the side and cut it down to fit into my glass bowl container.

Creating a smaller arrangement

At first, it was a little too tall, so I took a bit more off the stems. Now it looks perfect.

Cutting the ends of the stems

For the third arrangement, I repeat the process by selecting a section of flowers with my hand, pulling it apart, and trimming off the ends.

Crushing the ends of the stems

A lot of people say that you should crush the ends, so cut them first and then take a meat mallet to smash the ends of the stems. They say that it works for better water absorption. I don't know. I've never tried that before.

I'm going to give you that tip so you can decide if you want to try it on your own at home and see if that works for you.

Creating small floral arrangements

All right, so there's that one.

Trimming the stems

Next, we have this little guy up front. I like to do all the smaller ones first because then I know how much I have left for that last larger container. Remember, you always want to pull all the leaves off that might end up in the water.

Pulling the flowers apart

All right, so this is what we have left for two more containers. I think I'm just going to do one with these beautiful lilies in it.

How to arrange flowers

I think I'm going to put these in this really pretty light blue vase. Now the key to a really nice arrangement is to have varied heights and textures and that's what you're kind of going for.

Arranging lilies and other flowers

So if you have a flower that's pushed down too far, pull it up. And if you have flowers that are already wilted, remove them now. You might have to pull individual flowers out and cut them so that they have a little less height to them so they fit into that arrangement.

Splitting one bouquet into several floral arrangements

It's super, super easy, and now, instead of having one arrangement that's on your dining room table, you have one, two, three, four, or five arrangements all over the house. That beautiful floral smell will be in your nose as you travel throughout the house, and not in just one spot, so it brings you joy every time you walk into a room.

Flower arrangements

Arranging flower bouquets

I’m confident that the flower arrangement ideas I’ve shared with you today are easy to replicate at home. With a little practice, you will learn how arranging flower bouquets is a simple process once you start with one large bunch of fresh flowers and divvy it up into smaller bouquets.

Which types of flowers are your favorite? Share your preferences down below.

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  • Pul52487298 Pul52487298 on Mar 05, 2024
    No, Never! Don’t look good at all!when it comes to mashing the steams, she’s totally only do that on hard woodsy steams, such as cedar steams( Around Christmas), fig ,roses, etc. Notice, she didn’t use any greenery in her “arrangements”, if you cut some greenery from your yard , or buy it at your local flower shop, ( which is not expensive at all) , it will look a lot better and you’ll need a lot less flowers to fill your vases.