15 Fall Floral Decor Picks & How to Style Them This Season

I'm going to share with you my favorite fall florals and styling tips that I like to incorporate into my home each season. I found most of these items for fall floral decor at Hobby Lobby and Target, and you can also find similar floral stems and picks at places like HomeGoods, TJ Maxx, or Walmart. Let’s kick off the fall season.

Mustard yellow stem

1. Mustard yellow stem

So for this first floral, I have this very pretty, kind of like a mustard yellow stem. These are absolutely beautiful. I love incorporating the mustard yellows and like the rust colors. The wine colors are so pretty, with lots of oranges. But I bought these last year at Hobby Lobby, and they do have them this year as well.

They are just a true mustardy kind of brown-yellow. They are so pretty. I would keep these everywhere. Last year I had them in vases. I would take little pieces off and use them in my hutch. Truly, you can do a lot of things with these.

Yellow stem with blooms

2. Yellow stem

This wispy and wild-looking stem comes from Hobby Lobby and it’s more on the brighter side. I love the large statements in my house when it comes to decorating, so I love putting these in a pretty planter and just making it look very grand, but also subtle because it isn't very full.

Eucalyptus pick with green, yellows, and oranges

3. Eucalyptus pick

This eucalyptus pick has green, yellows, and oranges. I just love incorporating those warm tones into my home. It is so gorgeous and definitely screams fall.

Arrangement with rust brown stems

4. Rust brown stem

One of my favorite stems comes from Target. It’s rust brown with a little bit of a burgundy tone to them. They look realistic or you can even take these apart and this would be super pretty for a wreath.

Muted green foliage

5. Muted green foliage

Here’s a little neutral, muted greenery I like to incorporate. This is very realistic. I love the variation of green. It kind of has, like, some blue and gray in there as well. You can take these apart and place them on a tablescape or tuck them in a napkin ring, or put them on a fireplace mantle.

Fall florals with earthy tones

6. Earthy tones

These stunning picks come in multiple colors. You can go more muted with natural earthy taupes and greens or a little more vibrant and match the color of the trees with the reds and yellows and oranges to make it more moody.

Little eucalyptus wreath
Little wreath around a candle

7. Little wreaths

This next item here is actually a little wreath again from Hobby Lobby. These little wreaths here are so cute and you can get them fairly cheap. But you can use this as a candle ring. I have some hooks in my kitchen that I can hang on the side of my cabinets. I also have some hooks in an entryway that would be super pretty hung there.

Large yellow wreath

8. Large yellow wreath

This is just a dried floral wreath that I like to hang on a door or large wall because it is fairly large.

Large magnolia wreath

9. Large magnolia wreath

These are real magnolia leaves. My parents have a magnolia tree in their backyard, and every year they fall off and turn this beautiful orange color. Last year I I filled a trash bag full of leaves and made one myself. And I just think that these are stunning.

So all you do is just get a grapevine wreath, some hot glue, and go to town gluing these on. Because they are real leaves, you can see the different variations there.

Dried eucalyptus arrangements

10. Dried eucalyptus

This dried eucalyptus pick has burgundy, some orange, and some brown. I've put these on top of my refrigerator in a picnic basket up there. This would also be beautiful in a large arrangement, of course. it just easily just breaks off the stem. You don't have to cut it or anything. There's no wire, obviously. So it's very easy to just kind of take this apart and use it how you want. This would also be very beautiful laid out on a tablescape.

Amber arrangement

11. Amber arrangement

Next up, this popular amber arrangement comes from Target. This would be really pretty in a bathroom to add some warmth.

Oak leaf arrangement

12. Oak leaf arrangement

I love the black faux pottery look and the color variation in the leaves. It has some of the yellow, a little bit of green, some rust, and burgundy color. Last year I had this on my coffee table and it was just a very simple arrangement.

Black vase

13. Black vase

And I found this little black vase and it’s very solid. It does have a little bit of a neck there, which I like. I ended up grabbing a few different stems from Hobby Lobby. Here are some of the arrangements I put together with just this simple black vase and a single pick. Which one do you like best?

Arrangement 1
Arrangement 2
Arrangement 3
Arrangement 4

Here's how the vase looks with a wheat bundle.

Boxwood stem

14. Boxwood stem

There are so many color variations in this pick. I bought many of these and styled them in my hutch last year. Or take them apart and use them with napkin rings.

Hanging arrangement for fall floral decor

15. Hanging arrangement

I found this at Target in the wall decor section. I bought two last year and put them on my dining room wall.

Fall floral decor

Those are some of my favorite fall florals I have found so far that I love incorporating into my home this year. You can mix and match these in various size arrangements for fall. Let me know in the comments which were your favorite florals that I shared.

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  • Cjr77024281 Cjr77024281 on Aug 25, 2023
    My favorite florals were the large yellow stems and the misty green bunch. I'd like to find a way to put them together in some pottery. For the little black pot, I think the wheat is the most stunning, but I can see that with some of the burgandy leaves falling down the side or surrounding the wheat.