The 8 Best Fall Candles For 2023: Bath & Body Works, Target, and More


Today, I'll be sharing with you the best fall candles for 2023. Nothing screams fall more than a beautiful fall-scented candle. If you want your house to smell yummy this fall, sexy this fall, and cozy this fall, definitely stay tuned. Most of the items I will discuss today are from different retailers. However, most of the retailers now have them in stock.

Fresh Fall Morning candle from Bath & Body Works

1. Fresh Fall Morning

Bath & Body Works always has a sale, and I purchased with deals such as "buy one get one free" and "buy one get one 50% off."

This candle has notes of citrus zest, woodland sage, red delicious apples, and natural essential oils, and it smells so good. I think that in these candles, there's something for everyone, but this particular candle does have that woody, almost like a pine scent, but it is very pretty.

It does have that freshness, and I'm assuming it's because of that citrus zest. I would put this in my foyer just as you open the door and enter your home; you smell that nice fresh scent. It kind of preludes the rest of the house.

Harvest Pomegranate from Bath & Body Works

2. Harvest Pomegranate

I wanted to pick up a fall candle from Bath & Body Works besides their pumpkin scent, so I picked up Harvest Pomegranate.

Harvest Pomegranate has fragrance notes of rich pomegranate, freshly picked apples, and sweet black plums. So I thought this scent smelled like fresh apples, fresh. When I smell this, I think of a road trip, like a fall trip to Vermont. This is a nice, fresh scent. So, if you're into a more fresh and light scent, you would love Harvest Pomegranate just like I did.

Dried Leaves & Hickory candle from Target

3. Dried Leaves & Hickory

I love this Dried Leaves & Hickory candle from Target ($15) because the vessel doubles as a candle and a decor item. The scent has waves and notes of earthy vetiver, birch blend, white sage leaves, and verdant moss, and is infused with smoky musk and spiced cedarwood. So I am a lover of oud. Anything that has vetiver and oud, I'm just drawn to it. So this one I love because it's something similar that I have, but what drew me to it is the vessel that it comes in.

Spiced Vanilla Fig candle from Target

4. Spiced Vanilla Fig

I guess the spice in this spiced vanilla fig candle ($13) gives it that nod to fall. It's almost like, it's almost sweet yet dark, and it has roasted fig fruit, zesty citrus, brown sugar with white cedar, and caramel, drizzled with rich vanilla and soft spice. So that's what makes it smell sweet as well as dark. I also love the lid that it has, and it's a crackling wick as well.

Golden Hour candle from Target Dollar Spot

5. Golden Hour

I picked this up at the Target Dollar Spot. This vessel also doubles as a decor item if you want to put it on your counter near your coffee station. This would work well in a powder room or on your nightstand, as it's very subtle, so it's not too strong.

Honey Cider and Sunflower candle from Dollar General

6. Honey Cider and Sunflower

Dollar General has cute little knickknacks when you're running in there for something quick. The vessel is not that bad. It can be used for something else. When you're done with this, use it for some decor items. Add some flowers in here, and add this onto your tray on your bed. It's an amber-brown vessel.

Yankee Candle's Spiced Pumpkin candle

7. Spiced Pumpkin

Moving onto the more traditional scents of fall, this is Yankee Candle's Spiced Pumpkin ($16). This is a very nostalgic scent. I can pick up clove; I'm also picking up vanilla, as well as pumpkin. So, if you want that traditional fall scent, I would add this in my living room or in my kitchen. I feel like this scent has the potential to fill up a room.

Spice Pumpkin Latte candle by Voluspa

8. Spice Pumpkin Latte

The last candle that I have is the most expensive candle that I purchased. We all know Voluspa is a luxury home fragrance brand. You can get these candles at Nordstrom or on their website. However, if you're looking for their Spice Pumpkin Latte candle ($36), you can get this for a limited time at Sephora, Kohl's, or on their website.

This is a traditional fall candle scent. When I say traditional, I am talking about the scents that have a lot of spice: cinnamon, pumpkin, and clove. Those are the notes that you pick up. Although it does have more than that, this will fill up a room. This scent throw is just phenomenal, and it's like fall in a jar.

The notes for this candle are pumpkin pulp, coconut crema, and spiced brulee. I would put this in my living room because you can see the vessel is a little bit more extravagant than the others. This would look beautiful on a coffee table. It comes in a beautiful orange-amber-colored glass vessel with a lot of detailing. I do think the vessel is beautiful enough to be reused as a vase of some sort.

Lighting a candle for fall

Fall candles

I hope you were able to get some inspiration for fall candles to add to your collection. A great fall scent can add warmth to your fall decor. Let me know which fall-scented candles are your favorites in the comments below.

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