How to Put Together 5 Different Easter & Spring Kitchen Vignettes

Decorate my kitchen with me for the spring and Easter holidays! I want to bring a fresh spring feeling into my kitchen with some new decor, some thrifted and vintage items, and some well-loved spring decorations that I already have.

I am using color, pattern, and layers to create a cozy and welcoming look. Since the kitchen is the heart of the home and the gathering place for our family, I wanted it to feel inviting for everyone now that more sunshine is coming our way.

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Kitchen before
Kitchen before


I like to clear out everything and give the kitchen a good wipe-down to start with a fresh, blank slate.

Vignette 1

I like to combine the warmth of decor with the practicality of my KitchenAid mixer. I’m starting with these special cookbooks. They are special because I got to meet the author and she personalized and signed them.

I believe that when you combine things that you love and adore, like this cutting board that was handmade and gifted to us for our wedding, you create a home you fall in love with.

I’m layering everything and adding more special items like my grandmother’s rolling pin.

I thrifted this vintage egg beater or hand mixer like the one my grandmother had.

I am adding my wooden spoon and a brightly colored dish towel to soften the mixer. The simple touch of the towel changes the look of the vignette.

I added this toile bowl from an estate sale that I picked up for #1 and it adds color and pattern to the vignette. I added a brass bowl and an IKEA plant to add greenery.

You can change the look just by changing the towel to a soft farmhouse print.

Vignette 2

I found this tray at an antique shop. The shop was going out of business and it was marked down. The silver chafing dish is missing the glass dish but was substantially discounted. A little silver polish shined it up and I’m using it to create a riser.

I took a marble cutting board I had and placed it on top of the chafing dish. It was the perfect spot for a little lamp I gifted to myself from Kohl’s.

I added this tray that I love from MacKenzie-Childs. I use it to hide outlets. I added my other sign to center my heart in the right direction.

I added two plates at a garage sale so I stacked them to display them for color and texture. I picked up two golden rabbits from Target as an extra touch. This white bowl adds more texture and interest.

Vignette 3

Here’s a Hearth & Hand napkin holder from Target. It’s not for napkins, though. I use it as a little decorating trick to hold a piece of art. You can see how good that napkin holder works as an easel!

Here’s some faux greenery in a blue planter on a gold plate. Here’s a wood cutting board that holds another candle in a blue pot. Here are some leftover cocktail napkins that I set out to be used this year. Here are two little ceramic white bunnies from Target to bring a touch of Easter to this vignette.

Vignette 4

Here we’ll add some spring and Easter touches to the coffee-maker area. I added a wooden riser and a white plate on top. I added the white plate to break up all the brown tones here. I added a candy dish used as a tea caddy. Here’s a cute little rabbit cup to add that touch of Easter.

Vignette 5

Here’s my bar area. I am adding a simple divided tray and basket that I dressed up with a miniature faux fern. I added my supplements into the spice jars so I can see them and I won’t forget to take them.

Vignette 6

I love using risers and plates to anchor my decor down to the countertop. It keeps my vignettes from appearing like they are floating. I layered this riser with this thrifted decorative dinner plate from 20 years ago.

I added a faux bird’s nest under a cloche and set it on the plate for a little spring display. I don’t want to put too much here since we used this area a lot. I added a little treat jar to add here, too.

A little craft

I was gifted this tray and I’ve used it a lot but I wanted to give it a new look. I used some old wallpaper for this transformation. All I did was clean the tray, measure out the amount of wallpaper I needed, and just stick it down. You can find trays like this at the thrift store to refurbish with wallpaper or scrap paper.

Here’s what I put on the tray! I added some faux greenery and spring florals to this small vase. It looks more realistic when you fluff out the greenery and florals.

Then I added a silver urn with a lid. It’s so pretty. I added a pretty and colorful thrifted plate to break up that rattan pattern. Then I added a rattan bunny rabbit I placed on the tray.

Vignette 8

I placed a couple of colorful Easter egg plates in a basket on top of the refrigerator with some greenery and a bunny.

Spring & Easter decor

Thank you so much for spending time with me as I decorate for spring and Easter in my kitchen. Hopefully, you were inspired with fresh, new ideas to decorate your own home this season. Let me know in the comments below what you think!

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  • Ellen Ellen on Mar 21, 2024
    You are blessed with lots of counter space. Alas! We have VERY little so any decor is out of the question for us. Wish it were otherwise. 😂
    • Lesa | Uniquely Lesa Lesa | Uniquely Lesa on Apr 05, 2024
      Hi there! Limited counterspace definitely poses a challenge. I have been in that same situation in previous homes. What I did then was find a beautiful and decorative utensil holder as well as add artwork and/or plates to the backsplash. Maybe those are also little ideas you can use! Thanks for stopping by. XO