How to Decorate With French Country Christmas Decor

Monica Rose
by Monica Rose

Today I will be unpacking all of my French country Christmas decor and getting my home ready for the upcoming holiday season. I have so many fun and unique French country Christmas ideas to share with you this year, so I’m excited to get started.

Let’s bring in some extra cheer and make our homes look warm and inviting for family and friends during the month of December.

I love seeing house transformations from one season to the next. Last season's fall decor was beautiful, so it was a little hard for me to take it down this year. But once I did, everything was clean and refreshing again—just in time for winter to roll on through. Here are all the things I did to decorate for Christmas.

Changing out the slip covers on a sofa


You can take the slipcovers off the sofa I have, so first I changed them out for a lighter color.

Red toile pillows

Since I also wanted to incorporate the red hue that I used throughout my home last Christmas season, I added red toile pillows. These pillows are what gave me the inspiration for everything else I'm going to be doing in this space today.

Setting up the Christmas tree

Full-sized Christmas tree

I adore a French country Christmas tree, so I’m going to put that up next since it is going to be the biggest decor piece in the room. I have a flocked tree that I purchased a couple of years ago on Amazon, and let me tell you guys, this will be your favorite flocked Christmas tree. The branches look real, and it has a lifelike-looking trunk as well.

Christmas tree in an urn

Instead of a basic tree collar, tree skirt, or tree stand, I had the idea to have my tree sitting inside a planter urn with some towels tucked in around the sides to keep the trunk from wobbling. It adds a little more beauty and character to my Christmas tree now.

French country Christmas tree

And, of course, I placed lots of French country Christmas ornaments throughout including white ornaments, antique gold and cream ornaments, and some other vintage-inspired ornaments I own.

Setting up the pencil Christmas tree

Pencil Christmas tree

I am setting up a pencil Christmas tree in the corner of my kitchen, but this time, I’m using a basket for the base and tucked-in towels to keep it sturdy.

Adding lights to a pencil Christmas tree

Some of the lights were out on this tree, so I added an extra string of twinkling lights. I think I’m going to leave this tree plain since it looks beautiful just the way it is.

Adding a garland to the mantle


On the mantle this year, I am starting with a garland that was gifted to me by from King of Christmas. It is beautiful with all the lights, and I will be putting it into place using Command hooks.

Adding burgundy florals to the planter

Wanting to warm up the space with red accents, I’m adding burgundy florals into this planter, and I'm going to place it on my mantel alongside some other French country Christmas decor pieces.

Decorating a mantle for Christmas

My original vision in my mind of how I wanted to decorate my mantel included some beautiful burgundy ribbon on each side, but once I had everything else set up, I decided that I wanted to just keep it the way it is. I think it looks really pretty.

Decorating a hutch for Christmas


I also received a flocked wreath from King of Christmas with lights that are battery operated. I'm hanging it on my hutch with a green rope, and I think it looks super cute.

Adding a flocked garland around a hutch

Next, I'm adding some more flocked garland. I've had this garland forever. I think I got it several years ago at Michael's, and I'm just adding a few pieces and layering them to make it look a little more plush up at the top part.

French country Christmas decor

Then, I'm going to take some burgundy ribbon and add those to each side of the hutch.

French country Christmas decor

I hope that I gave you some inspiration and decorating ideas you can use in your own home. Whether you are ready to decorate right now or are waiting to decorate another month from now, adding French country Christmas decor to your home is an easy way to get holiday-ready.

What are your favorite pieces? Let me know in the comments section down below.

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