Christmas Home Tour of Century Oak Farmhouse & Decor Ideas

Many of us love seeing homes decorated for Christmas, so welcome to our Christmas home tour of the Century Oak Farmhouse. This is a home that I designed for my own family. I'm so happy to show you around.

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Exterior of a house decorated for Christmas


Front porch decorated for Christmas

To begin our holiday tour, we’ll start with the exterior of our home. We have lights all along the eaves and wreaths with red ribbons on the windows.

Front porch decorated for Christmas

Our front porch is decorated with trees and Christmas decor pieces that blend in nicely with our outdoor furniture.

Front porch Christmas decor

We also have pillows and throws to make it extra cozy for the holiday season.

Christmas decorated entryway


Let's go inside now. Here I have a nativity set that my husband's grandmother made, and I just added some greenery around it to kind of give it some pop.

Hallway decorated for Christmas


As we go into the stair hall, you'll see I have a couple of Christmas trees and a plush velvet pillow sitting on this little bench.

Garland along the stairs

Plus, I've got garland going up the stairs.

Mercury glass ornaments under the garland

Underneath the garland this year, I added these mercury glass ornaments that are all strung together, and they actually light up. They look so pretty, and they go really well with the color theme that I'm going with this year.

Living room decorated for Christmas

Living room

For our Christmas tree and our main living space, I decided to use the movie It's a Wonderful Life for inspiration and guidance for how I decorated.

Mercury glass ornaments on a tree

So you'll see I'm using a lot of mercury glass ornaments because I feel like in the time period when the movie takes place, that's what they would have used.

Snowflake ornaments on a tree

There are also lots of big snowflakes because the movie had huge snowflakes.

Merry Christmas banner hanging on a tree

In the movie, they have a Merry Christmas banner hanging over a doorway. I did the banner, but I put it on the tree in our Christmas home.

Sentimental-type ornaments

I also incorporated any ornaments that I had that were maybe some more sentimental-type ornaments from our family if they were in the right color.

Sentimental ornaments on a Christmas tree

So these are all silver, and that works with what I'm doing on the tree, so they got included as well. You can use your sentimental and still have a beautiful tree.

Mantle with a bell garland

On the mantle, I took a cue from the movie and added some bells, because every time a bell rings, an angel gets its wings.

Norfolk pine garlands over the mantle

Also, on top, I have my beautiful Norfolk pine garlands. I've made them look really fluffy by adding a regular pine garland behind and underneath to help hold them up.

White living room decorated for Christmas

Here's an overall view of what we have in the room all together.

Pine cones in a bowl

As you can see, it's a pretty limited color palette, mostly green and white, silver and gold.

Mercury glass and white Christmas decor in a dining room

Dining room

In the dining room, we continued with the mercury glass accents with greenery.

Mercury glass trees as a dining table centerpiece

I've got these beautiful mercury glass trees and, in order to give them some different heights, I used a couple of different pedestals to raise them.

White and neutral Christmas decor

Then, I have some ornaments and mercury glass candle holders as well.

Christmas centerpiece with candles

For everyday purposes, I usually just have the centerpiece and these little candles on the table.

Christmas tablescape

But I also wanted to show you how I would set the table for guests. So here I've used galvanized and silver chargers and my green and white dishes.

Table settings for a Christmas dinner

I've placed a small piece of cedar and a pine cone, and the initials are actually ornaments.

Christmas puzzle

One of our family traditions is to put together a Christmas puzzle during the season. So I have set up a table right here between the kitchen, dining room, and living room, and it's just a great place for us to gather as a family.

Kitchen set up for Christmas baking


Since the Christmas season is all about spending time together making memories and doing things like baking in the kitchen, I set up this cute baking section over here on my hutch where we can easily grab everything that we need for all of those spontaneous baking sessions.

Mudroom decorated for Christmas


We just finished building our fire pit down by the lake so in the mudroom this year, I decided to make this fun Christmassy area with warm cozy blankets and lanterns. That way we can grab them and go down there and spend some time roasting marshmallows.

Guest bathroom with Christmas touches

Guest bath

I like to add a few little Christmas touches in the guest bathroom as well.

Primary bedroom with festive accents

Primary bedroom

In the primary bedroom, we have a few more little accents to celebrate the season.

Drawing of a snowman

I love this drawing of the snowman that my daughter did.

Kid’s bedroom decorated for Christmas

Kid’s bedroom

My daughter's room got a quick fun Christmas update as well. We swapped out her bedspread for this red and white one and added these fun ornament ball pillows.

Mini Christmas tree and stuffed animal

And over here we have just a little Christmas tree and a little winter stuffed animal.

Home office decorated for Christmas


This tree is in our music room which is also my husband's office. So we took inspiration from the blue guitar on the wall and decorated the tree with a blue Christmas theme like Elvis's song.

Homes decorated for Christmas

We have disco balls, blue ornaments, guitars, and, of course, Elvis' glasses that we had picked up at Graceland a few years ago.

Homes decorated for Christmas

I'm so glad you joined us on our Christmas home tour. What do you think of the decorations we’ve put up this year? Let me know in the comments section.

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  • Ros89139319 Ros89139319 on Nov 27, 2023
    Your color scheme is timeless and very beautiful... Just enough Christmas decorations to make it festive but not overdone. You did a beautiful job, and have a beautiful home. Happy holidays!
  • Susan Susan on Nov 28, 2023
    What a beautiful home. So timeless. I love farmhouse and cottage style. I love your porch and kitchen.