Transforming an Antique Bicycle Into a Chic Coffee Table Centerpiece

Today, Shonda and I are excited to share a unique upcycling project. We'll show you how we transformed a beautiful antique bicycle find into a stunning centerpiece for our coffee table.

Shonda spotted this gem at a thrift store. Originally priced at $49, her amazing haggling skills brought it down to a steal at $35.

We knew this special piece deserved to be the star of the show. Shonda envisioned it as the centerpiece of our family room coffee table, and it turned out beautifully!

The floral arrangement is a delightful mix of finds. Most came from Hobby Lobby, with some white accents from the Dollar Tree, and a few blooms Shonda already had on hand.

Part of the joy of decorating, for us, is finding unique pieces and incorporating them into our everyday decor. We love surrounding ourselves with things we adore, and this repurposed bicycle is a perfect example.

The mirrored candle holders are another creative touch. Originally designed as wall hangings, we discovered they complemented the centerpiece perfectly, adding an elegant accent. To further soften the look, we incorporated beautiful cream-colored tassels – a delightful finishing touch.

Shonda and I share a love for "old soul" decorating. While we appreciate current trends and colors, our hearts belong to the timeless elegance of burgundies and greens. We're thrilled to see these sophisticated hues making a comeback!

The combination of burgundy and gold might seem like a throwback, but for us, it's a classic pairing that never goes out of style. As an added bonus, the height of the centerpiece is perfect. It doesn't obstruct the view of the TV mounted above the fireplace.

The coffee table and table runner are also thrift store finds! By now, you've probably gathered that Shonda and I are big fans of hunting for treasures at antique stores, consignment shops, and, of course, thrift stores. You can find incredible pieces at amazing prices, making your wallet and your home happy.

We hope you enjoyed this upcycling adventure! These rich colors will perfectly transition Shonda's decor into the fall season.

Thank you for watching, and remember, from Shonda and me: make the life you live a life you love, because life is short.

Happy decorating!

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  • Patty Patty on Jul 02, 2024
    That is beautiful, but I think it is too tall for a coffee table, maybe on an end table so as to not block the view from the sofa? I bet your Christmas tree is gorgeous.
  • Laura Laura on Jul 02, 2024
    Creative & beautiful🙂