8 Ways to Style a Tray, Inspired By Designers

I’ll share with you three DIY designer-inspired trays styled in different ways. Are you on board for getting the luxe look for less? You can get these looks by using the Cricut Explorer 3 tool which is super smart and fast.

Years ago I did a DIY Chanel tray (above) and it went viral. I knew nothing back then about Cricut!

1. Find an image

Head over to the Cricut design space to find the image that you want to upload and cut. I’m doing three different images but the steps are the same. I found this Chanel logo on Google and I found the one I want to cut for my use. Download it and save it to your computer. Do not be intimidated by this process. It’s very simple!

Here I’m inserting my image into my canvas to size it.

2. Trays

I have three different trays to add designs on. I have a modern blush pink tray, an orange tray to add a touch of chicness to your space, and a classic acrylic tray,

3. Make cuts

I love this machine, it holds the material well and makes everything straight. For material, I’m using the Cricut Removable Smart Vinyl.

Here it’s been cut though it’s tough to see.

4. Peel and pull

Peel off what you don’t need and prepare it to add the transfer tape.

Always cut your tape bigger than your design to make sure you have enough to cover your project.

Place the transfer tape sticky side down on top of the design.

Use the scraper tool to work it in and eliminate air bubbles so I can easily pull it up.

Take your time pulling up your cut. Pull your design off slowly and make sure it’s all on the transfer tape.

5. Place on tray

Add the design to the tray where you want it. Use the scraper tool to make sure it’s on the tray.

6. Peel off tape

When you are sure your design is on the tray, slowly peel off your transfer tape. This tray is going to be placed on my makeup vanity to hold potions, perfumes, and lotions.

7. Orange tray

There’s a lot of detail with this Hermes image but this machine made it precise and easy. I used the same process for the orange tray but used black material instead of white.

8. Pink tray

I followed the same steps for this pretty tray.

I hope you were inspired to use your Cricut for these simple projects. Let me know what you use your Cricut for! Leave comments here to share.

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