Score High-End Style on a Budget: Amazon Home Decor Dupes

Hey everyone! In today's video, I'm sharing some amazing home decor finds from Amazon that are practically identical to pricier options from stores like Serena & Lily and Pottery Barn.

I know you're gonna love them. Let me know in the comments if you snag any of these for your own home.

Master Bedroom Makeover Mission

My husband and I are working on a master bedroom makeover, aiming for a bright, airy, and clean space – a true oasis to relax in. We're incorporating some coastal farmhouse vibes, but really, it's all about a light and airy aesthetic. We're keeping things minimal with pops of brightness.

So far, we've added new curtains (though they're a foot short – oops!), a beautiful new bed (which arrived missing a piece – double oops!), and the best part – our new Nectar mattress!

Dupe #1: Huge Woven Seagrass Basket (Pottery Barn Dupe)

This Pottery Barn dupe is a winner! Their woven seagrass basket is a whopping $199, but I found an almost identical one on Amazon for just $66. It's massive and beautiful, with the same side handles I adore.

I'm planning to use mine for a throw blanket next to the TV stand. It's also a great storage solution – throw pillows, toys, anything! Plus, it looks way more stylish than a pile of stuff on the floor.

This basket is so versatile. I'm actually getting another one for our laundry room. It would be perfect next to a fireplace for cozy blankets too.

Dupe #2: Wood Riser (Lulu and Georgia Dupe)

This Lulu and Georgia dupe is a high-quality wood riser. It might even be the same exact product from the same manufacturer! Lulu and Georgia sells theirs for $120, while you can get it on Amazon for $47 with free shipping (and Prime one-day delivery!).

This beautiful mango wood riser is so practical. Use it in the kitchen for dish soap, on the bathroom counter, or next to your nightstand. I love its versatility.

Dupe #3: Door Stopper (Serena & Lily Dupe)

This dupe isn't a necessity, but it's a great deal! I've been browsing Serena & Lily for inspiration, and they have a doorstopper for a whopping $78. Seriously?

I found an almost identical one on Amazon for just $22. Although, I have a feeling it's just filled with rice! So, this is a super easy DIY project you could tackle with the Dollar Tree for just a few bucks.

Wrap Up

I hope you enjoyed these Amazon home decor dupes! I hope you found some inspiration and new ideas. See you next time!

Check out the video description box here for details of the products mentioned.

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