My Current Home Decor Favorites: Amazon, Walmart, Michaels & More

Today, we'll be talking about my recent home decor favorites. I don't necessarily decorate for summer, so I like to keep things very minimal, very neutral, and also very consistent.

During the fall time, that's when I start changing things, that's when I start moving furniture, that's when you see a lot of new home decor coming in.

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I'm starting with my favorites from Michaels because Michaels has some great stuff lately.

The first piece is a natural decorative rattan hanging basket.

It's very similar to the one that went viral last year from Home Goods. That was a Mickey and Co. dupe, and that one sold out almost immediately. I love the different tonal textures or color differences on this.

The next one I saw became popular last year, and they still have it: this natural boho decorative paper mâché bowl.

It's a very interesting size and shape as well. I love the scallop detail that it has on the edges. You could use this for a planter or to hide things on a bookshelf. You could even have it on a coffee table. I could see you decorating this with wooden balls or something.

This next one is also from Michael's, and it's a brown medallion soft-lined lumbar pillow.

I've had this one for two years now, and they bring it back every year. I would highly recommend getting this one.

The next one I love is perfect if you're someone who's a little bit more on the artistic side.

This is a female body figure on a metal stand. It's very creative, and I think this is a beautiful piece.


Moving on to some chairs that I have in the back here. These are from Castlery, and I absolutely love them, but some people were asking if I had any alternatives. I have four other options that are also really great.

They're all from Amazon.

First is an upholstered 360-degree barrel back chair.

There is another one I love that's a moodier brown than this, so if you're looking for something a little darker, these are perfect.

On to this next one, they're sitting at $369, and it's for two of them.

So, it's two swivel barrel chairs, and it comes with a set of two ottomans as well. They're storage ottomans so that you can store things inside of them.

Next up are also from Amazon.

This is a swivel oversized chair, so if you're looking for something a little bit bigger or if you need one chair, I think this is perfect; it's sitting at $480, and it's also a boucle, and I love the shape of it and everything.

It seems like it's a very cozy chair to be in. So, this one is in the $500 range, and those are some options for the chairs that you guys have been asking about. Hopefully, you guys find something that fits you or, you know, matches your budget, but my only, there's something on my shirt, isn't there?

The only other chair that I would recommend getting, and this one is so expensive, I think it's $3,200, and it's the shearling chair.

I wish I could afford to get something like that, but I can't see myself spending thousands of dollars on one chair, and I would need two of them.


I was looking at some new oil dispensers, and I really loved this one.

This is an adorable mini dispenser oil or sauce bottle.

I love the ceramic look of this. It has a beautiful, speckled detail to it. I think it will flow very nicely if you have flatter pieces in your kitchen. It would add a lot more texture to your space, so if you are more of a neutral person, I think this is perfect to add that little bit of texture.

You can never go wrong with some tapered candles.

I found this set of four unscented, dripless candles, and they're brown naturally. There are four different tones so there's dark brown, taupe, beige, and an unidentified color.

Pottery Barn dupe

Moving on to this find from Michaels, I see that this one is trendy. It is an 18-inch black steel adjustable easel, and it is a Pottery Barn dupe. The Pottery Barn one is $170. So, this is a fantastic deal.

Large framed art

Another question that I've also been getting is about the really big framed piece that I have in my entryway. It is from Layla Grace. It's called the Viewpoint 1 and 2 by Eileen Fitzgerald. If you don't know who she is, she's amazing. She's a fantastic artist. So that is where the print is from. It is on the more expensive side for these really big frames, but there's nothing that you can find that would be similar to that. Compared to her actual work, this is an excellent price because this is a print.

Mine is a really big one. I think mine is a 45 by 45, so you could get the smaller size if you have a smaller space or a smaller console table. Mine is very cramped because this wall is very big. You probably end up getting the smaller one.

That wraps up my recent home decor favorites list, the products that I've been loving so far. Hopefully, you will find some things that you like. Let me know if you have any other dupes or fines or anything popular lately that you want to share in the comments below.

For details of the products mentioned, see the video description box here.

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