9 Bedroom Refresh Ideas For a Calming Environment & High-Quality Sleep

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By Amy Poulton

Our bedrooms are sanctuaries, meant to promote rest and rejuvenation. So, if your bedroom feels stagnant or you're having difficulty sleeping, then a refresh might be just what you need.

Here, we've collated 9 different ideas for the best ways to refresh your bedroom and get a more restful night's sleep:

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1. Revamp the Textiles

New bedding is an instant mood booster. Choose a color scheme that reflects your style, whether it's crisp whites and calming blues, or a bolder palette with jewel tones. Layer textures with a soft comforter, throw pillows in various patterns, and a cozy throw blanket.

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If you're looking to prioritize comfort (and who isn't when we spend a third of our lives in bed?), then Egyptian Cotton is the gold standard when it comes to bedding.

Why Egyptian Cotton?

The fibers in Egyptian cotton are longer and more consistent than regular cotton, so the texture is smoother and the fabric is more durable.

However, that doesn't mean you have to break the bank to buy a set. This bedsheet set on Amazon is priced under $75 (king bed) and was voted a top pick by Good Housekeeping:

THREAD SPREAD 600-Thread-Count 100% Cotton Sheets

2. Window Treatments

Consider replacing tired curtains with Roman shades or linen sheers. Layering woven shades behind existing curtains adds depth and texture.

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You could also consider blackout curtains, which are proven to be better for sleep, as they block out more light and noise, and even improve energy efficiency as they block heat too.

Rayne Room Darkening Curtain Panel

3. Swap the Fixtures

Update outdated light fixtures with modern sconces or pendant lamps by your bedside. Consider dimmer switches to create a calming ambiance.

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Smart lighting is the smartest choice for lighting these days, with options for dimming as well as color, to create the most serene atmosphere in your bedroom. Plus, they can be controlled via voice activation or remote control, and by using timers and scheduling features, you can save on energy, too:

Kasa Smart Light Bulbs, Full Color Changing Dimmable Smart WiFi Bulbs

4. Invest in Quality Furniture

While a complete furniture overhaul might not be in the budget, consider replacing a nightstand or dresser for a more cohesive look.

For high-quality bedroom furniture, we recommend looking at Birch Lane, a sister brand of Wayfair. It was voted top in the bedroom furniture category by Homes and Gardens.

Onyx 7 - Drawer Dresser

5. Dress Up the Bed

If your bed frame is looking a little worse for wear, consider reupholstering the headboard. Or, if you're not up to the DIY challenge, Amazon has a wide range of affordable headboard options:

LUCID Mid-Rise Upholstered Headboard

6. Function First

Does your space work for you? If you crave a reading nook, consider adding a comfy chair and a small side table with a lamp. Additional storage solutions like ottomans with hidden compartments can maximize space efficiency.

For more storage solutions, take a look at:

Parker Upholstered Ottoman

7. Nightstand Essentials

Curate your nightstands with practical and stylish items. A beautiful tray can corral everyday essentials, while a small potted plant or a scented candle adds a personal touch.

You may be tempted to pick your favorite smell for a scented candle, but what you choose for your bedroom should be focused on rest and relaxation.

For example, did you know that coffee-scented candles are the most searched-for term in home fragrance? But they can be energizing and invigorating, rather than claiming. Instead, sleep experts recommend scents such as lavender, chamomile, sandalwood, vanilla, and eucalyptus to help you wind down for the night.

This lavender and eucalyptus candle from Target is only $15 and was included in Wirecutter's (New York Times) 16 top scented candles:

14oz Matte Ceramic Candle Lavender & Eucalyptus Lavender - Project 62™

8. Wall Art

Hang artwork or photographs that inspire you. Consider a gallery wall for a curated and collected feel.

For ideas, take a look at:

If you're looking for artwork that's well-curated and affordable, we recommend Juniper. Every piece of artwork available on the site is hand-picked by interior designer Jenny Komenda, with a mix of licensed vintage pieces and licensed works from independent artists who also earn a commission from the sales. You can choose paper, canvas, or digital download, and there are options for frames too.

Swan Vintage Artwork on Juniper

9. Finishing Touches

Don't forget the finishing touches! A plush rug adds warmth underfoot, while a strategically placed mirror can make the space feel larger.

For rugs, we highly recommend Ruggable. Founder Jeneva Bell was so sick of pet stains ruining her rugs that she decided to create stylish, machine-washable rugs:

Morris & Co. Blackthorn Forest Green Rug

Bedroom refresh ideas

By incorporating these ideas, you can transform your bedroom into a haven of relaxation and style, tailored to your unique personality. Have fun creating a space that sparks joy and invites restful slumber.

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