Maximalism in Interior Design: How to Master the Art of More

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There is a common misconception about maximalism, which is that the design style always implies owning a lot of stuff, but that's absolutely not true. So what is maximalism? Maximalism is really about incorporating lots of colors, many prints, and rich textures.

Basically, it's about surrounding yourself with objects of art, mementos, and decor that you truly love. And at the end of the day, all of the objects in your home should be those that you find either useful or that you believe to be beautiful.

Minimalist and mid-century design ideas

Is maximalism dated?

Maximalist interior design experienced a decades-long decline because people were suddenly more in favor of minimalism and mid-century modern decor.

Maximalism vs clutter

Maximalism vs clutter

The style even carried a negative association for some. Mainly its association was with rooms belonging to your great aunt or some random distant relative who belonged in the 20th century.

Cluttered rooms

Their homes were often stuffed to the brim with junk, including a lot of clashing glitz and glamor that was both obnoxious and would also raise your heart rate.

Traditional maximalism

But this was not traditional maximalist decor, which does not call for cramming your space with too many items.

Over-the-top maximalism design style

The real over-the-top maximalism design style has finally made a triumphant return. So the joys of having maximalism decor in your home are back, without having too many material possessions to take care of.

What is maximalism in interior design?

What is maximalism in interior design?

Maximalism decor includes everything from jeweled tones to really extravagant wallpaper. Anything that is basically bold and has a lot of conviction to it.

Maximalism is the art of more

Maximalism is the art of more, including layered patterns, highly saturated colors, ample accessories, and art. It has a real sense of playfulness together with bold gestures.

Maximalist foyer

Maximalism can be found in different settings, no matter what your specific interior design style is. Think about an eclectic British room with bold patterned wallpaper together with some beautiful drapes and a somewhat chaotic collected atmosphere.

Memphis design

On the other hand, think about the Memphis design movement, which had a lot of playful colors, patterns, geometry, and squiggly silhouettes.

Eclectic maximalism

All of these originate from the very same exuberant spirit of maximalism.

Maximalist dining room

Maximalism is also really about going big or going home. It's really about making that bold choice. Maximalist spaces, when they are created in a successful way, have to be cohesive.

How to include maximalist design in your home

How to include maximalist design in your home

A way to do this is by using different textures and different patterns, which have a consistent color or a consistent color family and not choosing random colors all over the color wheel.

Black and white maximalist design

Now, these colors of choice are then added to walls, the ceiling, window trim, and even to millwork and furniture, upholstery, and other window treatments that you might decide to have within your space.

Traditional maximalist living room

Now to ground the eye, you really want to choose consistent hard finishes like wood, a marble coffee table, or some small side tables, which will provide relief from the room’s bold curtains and colors.

Maximalist living room in black, white and gold

All in all, to be a maximalist, ensure that not many spots in the room are left naked.


When it comes to maximalism and maximalism decor, don’t be afraid to curate anything you love and mix and match it with other daring choices. Be brave and see what results from it.

What do you love most about maximalism? Share your likes and dislikes about this unique design style in the comments section.

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  • Patty Patty on Jan 05, 2024
    Some of these rooms make me want to dust myself off and open a window. Others mix too much color and patterns with too many items. Whatever makes you happy.
    • Skampy Skampy on Jan 05, 2024
      Agree Waaay too much for me. I need something more soothing and this isn't it.
  • Donna Donna on Jun 11, 2024
    The beauty of the modern view on decorating: FREEDOM♥️If it makes YOU happy, it works😎