4 Things I Don't Buy as an Interior Designer

Here are four things I would never buy as an interior designer. I’ll also let you know why I avoid these items. Let me explain:

1. Open shoe cabinet

Shoes displayed openly might not fit into the overall aesthetic or desired level of tidiness for a room. Shoes stored openly can also contribute to odor buildup, especially if they're not aired out properly.

2. Furniture sets

Furniture sets lack individuality, making rooms look predictable and generic. Interior designers prefer mixing and matching different pieces to add depth, character, and uniqueness to a room.

3. Corner tub

Corner tubs are bulky and often come in smaller sizes than standard tubs, which may be uncomfortable for taller individuals or those who prefer a more spacious bathing area.

4. Off-the-shelf curtains

Off-the-shelf curtains come in limited sizes and fabric choices. This lack of customization means the curtains will never complement the room. I always go for custom curtains tailored to your windows' exact measurements to ensure a precise fit.

Custom-made curtains provide a tailored solution that perfectly matches your space's requirements, offering superior quality, unique design options, and a refined finish that elevates the entire room's aesthetic.

I hope you understand why you should also avoid buying these four items. You can see how these items impact a room. Leave a comment if you agree or disagree!

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  • Jennifer Jennifer on Jun 12, 2024
    If you wouldn’t use an open shoe cabinet, what WOULD you use? The alternate is a closed system which would be far worse for odor build up. Am I missing a 3rd option?